Zareklamy – Turn Your Time Into Profit?

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In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Zareklamy which is a make money online website that helps us to turn our time into profits.

But the thing is that no one knows about it that is real or fake or does it pays to their users or not.

So, in this article, we will be telling you all in detail about Zareklamy.

Let’s get started.

Zareklamy – Turn Your Time Into Profit?

Website name Zareklamy
Started in 2017
Offering Make money online while completing simple tasks
RegisteredYes, but not in the USA
App ( Zareklamy app)Zareklamy – Make money by playing games
Office AddressKrochmalna 61, 00-864 Warsaw, Poland, Entrance B, 14th Floor
Parent company Zareklamy LLC
Owner and Co-founderKonrad Strek
Facebook Zareklamy Facebook
Instagram Zareklamy Instagram
Linkedin Zareklamy Linkedin
Youtube Zareklamy Youtube

What is Zareklamy?

Zareklamy is an online earning website and app where you need to do simple tasks like following someone, watching ads, playing games, writing reviews and much more for that you will get some money in your Zareklamy app or dashboard.

The company or website had been started in 2017.

Company website and dashboard interface closely look similar to adsense.

The owner and founder of the app are Konrad Strek.

How Zareklamy works?

Zareklamy simply works by giving simple tasks given by different companies or individuals who want to increase their reviews, ratings or followings over social media or wanted to get fake reviews and following they came to the website and they give money to the website.

And then the Zareklamy assign a task to its user to complete the task and earn money most of the money is kept by the website and app and very little money is given to the users like 0.01 or 0.1.

How does Zareklamy earn money?

Zareklamy earns money through advertisers or individuals who wanted to grow the following of their business or any other apps, want good reviews from people, watch their videos, download and play their games and many more.

How you can earn money from Zareklamy?

To earn money from Zaraklamy there are 5 ways:

  • Watching videos
  • Writing reviews
  • Surveys
  • online shopping
  • Playing games

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How to withdraw money from Zareklamy?

To withdraw money from Zareklamy you need to complete a milestone of $25 which you will never get into your account because for that you need to get the pin-like what happens in the Adsense account.

But what we had found is that the pin doesn’t come to your address.

So, indirectly saying that you will never get the money.

What is the minimum payout of Zareklamy?

The minimum payout of Zareklamy is $25.

Is Zareklamy app legit?

No, the Zareklamy app seems to be legit because of the design and the authenticity they had shown on the website but they didn’t pay you.

And because the company isn’t registered in the USA that’s why still the website is running otherwise the website would have been banned till now.

Red flag 1: The payment

We had found that many of their users had said in their app reviews and in quora also that you will never get the money you had earned till now but no matter what the company is earning money for whatever the task you were doing in it.

You can see these reviews of what other people had said.

Red flag 2: Having fake subscribers on youtube

When you visit their youtube channel they had more than 300k subscribers and when you checked the views they had more than 30k views which completely shows us that they had bought the subscribers or told their users to subscribe to their channel.

Red Flag 3: Fake followers on Social media

When you visit all their social media profiles you will get to know that they had lakhs of followers but when you check the engagement then you will see that they had 20-30 posts and even 2-3 likes on their post.

That shows that they had bought bot subscribers on each and every platforms.

Is Zareklamy app reviews were real?

Earlier the app is having 4.7-star reviews why because they had told their users that write a positive review to get paid and because of that they had so much higher ratings but now when people are getting aware of that their creating is decreasing because people are writing negative reviews on their apps.


So, this is all for the Zareklamy – Turn Your Time Into Profit?

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