Youtube Monetisation new update for Gamers

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Last Updated on 3 years by Ankit Thakur

In today’s post we will be talking about the youtube monetisation new update for gamers.

Recently in the youtube creators channel, they had said that your channel monetization or your video monetisation will be disabled or become yellow dollar if you do this.

So, let’s get to know what it is.

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What is youtube monetisation new update for gamers?

In the recent youtube monetisation update youtube has clearly said that if you had a gaming channel and if you are using a single offensive or bad language or bad words your channel or your videos will get demonetised.

It has already said by youtube but now they had approved and implemented this update.

Why youtube had done this?

Let’s understand it better.

Youtube earns his most of the money from advertisements and advertisers also wants an audience which is likely to take action after watching the ads.

But if the advertiser ads were running on channels that were not advertisers friendly than there will be a loss for both advertisers and youtube.

That’s why youtube had updated his monetisation policy for gamers becuase gamers use offensive language while playing games.

So, if you are a gamer then now you should had to make a video in which you don’t use any offensive language or bad words.

Not only that if in your videos if there is any type of content that shows cringe content then also it can be demonetised.

And if you thumbnail contains any cringe or bad words then also your video or channel got demonetised.

But in gaming industry most of the viewers like the game play in that way.

If this happens then the audience retention on youtube will started to drop becuase now it will be no more entertaining for the viewers.

So, youtube had to undertsand that if they satisfy the advertisers then their creators and viewers will be dis-satisfied and leave youtube.

And if they leave youtube there’s no meaning of satisfying the advertisers.


According to this Youtube Monetisation new update for Gamers youtube had to smartly satisfy the viewers , creators and advertisers.

Becuase these 3 were the main aspects which made youtube a biliion dollar company.

If anyone of these 3 pillars got affected then youtube will get a huge impact.

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