▷ Y2 Mate: Youtube Video Downloader [Free & Easy]

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We all want to download videos from social media especially youtube such that we can watch them at our pace.

But due to youtube restrictions, we can’t do that so then we look for other solutions on the web through which we can download any videos from youtube.

Now the problem is that we didn’t find the best resource and that’s what most of the users face.

After Deep & detailed research for more than 200+ website over internet we have found the perfect website which can fulfill you needs of saving any social media videos for free.

As a Digital Marketer & SEO Executive having 4+ years of experience I have researched and gathered valuable resource such that it can ease your life.

So, Let’s get started.

▷ Y2 Mate: Youtube Video Downloader [Free & Easy]

WebsiteY2 mate (Link)
Started in2019-03-23
Content-Type Youtube video downloader | Youtube to mp4 converter
OwnerNot known
Y2 mate com APKY2mate App
Traffic25 million per month (According to the social blade)

What is Y2 Mate?


Y2 mate is an All in one video downloader from where you can download any youtube video for free but with this new tool, you can not only download youtube videos but also can download all other social media platforms’ videos for free.

There are more than 30+ formats that were available to download any youtube video.

There might be a similar website but the quality and the UI/UX are very bad this website is very simple and easy to use which makes this website more favourable to use.

Also what we had found in most of the websites is that they were having annoying popups and ads that were seems to be scammy but with this website you will not see those kinds of scammy ads.

How to download videos from Y2 mate?

To download videos from Y2 mate website follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Y2 mate which is: Y2 mate

Step 2: Paste the link to that video you want to download.

Step 3: After that, click on the start button and your youtube video will start downloading automatically.

Is there any app for Y2 mate?

Yes, there is an app for Y2 mate which is: Y2 mate

How does the Y2 mate website work?

Y2 mate website works by using all the free APIs provided by the social media platforms and then fetching the data from these APIs & making it available for you to download on the website.

And then you can save on your device without any restriction or popups.

So, if you are thinking that it’s illegal then there’s nothing illegal here.

How much traffic does the Y2 mate website gets per month?

The traffic that Y2 mate website gets per month is: 25 million per month (according to the social blade)

Which is the live link (Active link) of Y2 mate?

The active or the live link of the Y2 mate were: Y2 mate

What are other domain names and URLs of Y2 mate?

The other domain names and URLs of Y2 mate were:


What are the income sources of the Y2 mate?

The income sources of the Y2 mate were:

  • Google Adsense Ads

What are the features of the Y2 mate?

The features of the Y2 mate were:

  • Get to download any youtube & Social media videos & photos for free
  • Easy to navigate through the website
  • Easy to download any videos
  • No spammy ads

What had made the Y2 mate website so popular?

One of the main reasons why this website become so popular is that not all parts of the world had the same amount of data for free through which they can watch any content.

But with the use of this tool, they can save all the videos on their device and then watch at their own pace and that’s why this kind of website was getting lots of traction.

And solving this problem of users makes this website so popular.

What are the formats of videos which you can download from Y2 mate?

The formats of videos which you can download from Y2mate were:


What are the top searched keywords on Y2 mate?

The top searched keywords in y2 mate com were:

  • y2mate.com
  • y2mate com
  • y2mate downloader
  • y2mate guru
  • y2mate mp3
  • y2mate download
  • y2mate video downloader

Is it safe to use the Y2 mate to download youtube videos?

Yes, it’s 100% safe because they were not using any kind of spammy or popup ads which is annoying at the same time harmful to your devices. All these ads were from google itself so, there’s no illegal activity.

Is the Y2 mate website legal or illegal?

Yes, it’s completely legal to download youtube videos from y2mate com because they were extracting data through Youtube API and it’s completely legal to do that. So, you can freely use this website in order to download anything from social media.

What are the other alternatives to Y2 mate? (Y2 mate alternatives)

The other alternatives of the website of the y2 mate were:

Disclaimer: Piracy is illegal and a punishable offence. The purpose of this article is to provide information to you only. It is not our intention to encourage or promote Piracy and Illegal activities in any way.


If you download youtube videos from y2 mate will you go to jail?

No, there are no such rules that when you download the youtube videos through y2mate you will go to jail and because it’s completely legal you can’t go to jail.

How To Download Video From YouTube Without Software in 2022?

This can be done with this Y2mate tool based website you can easily download any youtube videos for free just follow the simple steps given above and then you are good to go.


So, this is all for ▷ Y2 Mate: Youtube Video Downloader [Free & Easy].

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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