Will YouTube marketing help blogging?


In today’s, article we will be talking about the question Will YouTube marketing help blogging?

Most of the bloggers wanted to know that Will YouTube marketing help blogging?

Because in 2021 Youtube has become the second largest search engine and now most of the users were searching every single piece of information on youtube.

So, what’s the importance of youtube marketing?

Let’s find out the answer.

Will YouTube marketing help blogging?

Yes, youtube marketing will help in your blogging journey because now people had shifted towards youtube and more and more people were started consuming videos rather than text so now a blogger is not only limit himself as a blogger they should consider themself as a creator and start creating content overall social media platforms which will eventually build brands and grow their blogs in terms of traffic.

In 2021 Youtube has become the second-largest search engine in the world where most of the users were searching for something they need.

Sometimes they get what they want to know but most of the time they didn’t find any specific result which they were searching for.

What does that mean?

It means that there is a huge potential of getting a huge chunk of traffic from the youtube ocean.

Because most of the bloggers who were a beginner in blogging think that just writing an article will make their blog successful.

But that’s not completely true as Neil Patel says: We need to spend 20% of the time writing an article and 80% of the time promoting the article.

Will YouTube marketing help blogging?
When some of his videos started getting viral then his blog become popular
Will YouTube marketing help blogging?
After 2016 his blog started getting traffic

As you can see Neil Patel had joined youtube in 2011 but as you can see in the image his blog is started getting traffic when his videos on youtube had to get viral.

You can see in the above screenshots.

Neil Patel himself promoted himself and his blog from youtube after he made a channel on youtube his blog traffic got a spike.

Because he created awareness about his blog.

And if you created awareness about your brand in users brains at some point they will subconsciously search for you when they need something that is related to you.

That’s why when most of the YouTubers get fame or popularity you will not search for what they had done you search for their name or their channel name.

That’s what branding is.

In Youtube Mini we didn’t talk without any proof so here’s the proof.

There’s a channel called Mumbikernikhilvlogs on youtube and at the same time they were having a website named mumbikernikhilvlogs.com

Will YouTube marketing help blogging?

What they had done is that they had covered all the topics which were related to mumbiker Nikhil and his life.

And after some time they had created a youtube channel with the same name.

From there they were driving traffic to their website.

And a few weeks earlier Mumbiker Nikhil had added a story about that youtube channel and the website.

So, that created the branding of the website in the mind of Mumbiker Nikhil viewers.

Here are things that will happen when you start creating content on youtube for your blogs:

1. Web mentions

When you provide knowledge around your blog niche then you will mention in your videos that if you want to know more then you can go through my blog where you will get detailed knowledge about a niche.

And don’t give a link then people will actually type the URL of your blog and visit it this will give a web mention to your blog which will eventually make your blog rank at the top of search results because google gets to know that people were coming direct or searching for it which means it’s an authority blog.

2. Awareness

In marketing terms, it’s said that if you had a good product but nobody knows about it which means that nobody will buy it so in the same manner if you had a blog where you are writing fantastic articles on a particular niche but nobody knows about it then nobody will come to your blog.

So, when you start putting out content and all other social media platforms then people will get aware that if we want to know something about this niche we will go to this blog or website.

3. Authority

When you give knowledge about a niche to people on youtube or any other social media platform and when people start watching your content it makes an authority of you and your blog around the niche.

Because if you are having a good amount of knowledge then only you are providing value to the users or viewers so, in the long run, it will give authority to youtube.

Which will eventually help your blog to grow and become authoritative.

4. Drive traffic

This is the main thing about going on youtube or any other social media platform because it will drive traffic to your blog.

When you mention your blog or give a link to your blog on youtube then not all people will go to your blog but people who were really interested in your niche will go to your blog.

And as the number of subscribers and followers grow on your social media as well as on youtube your traffic will blow up.

5. Get brand and sponsorships

When you get eyeballs of viewers on youtube and had a decent amount of subscribers or followers then brands will come to you to promote their products or services on your youtube videos.

Not only that when people know about your blog and your blog authority increase many sponsored links will come to you.

Which will make you more money than any ad network.

6. Networking

On youtube when you start making content for your channel other creators will know you and collaborate with you then you will get more exposure.

And when more and more people will collaborate with you, your network will get strong and your influence will be big.


So, this is all for the Will YouTube Marketing Help Blogging?

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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