Will the Mr. Faisu YouTube channel be a hit?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini we will discuss on the topic which is Will the Mr. Faisu YouTube channel be a hit?

Most of Indians know Mr faisu may be someone will not know him.

If you don’t know him then let me tell you that he was an Tiktok star before Tiktok wasn’t got banned.

Now, Mr faisu had moved from Tiktok to youtube.

And some one has asked this question that Will the Mr. Faisu YouTube channel be a hit?

So, you will get the detailed answer in this article.

Will the Mr. Faisu YouTube channel be a hit?

Mr faisue was a Tiktok star who makes short videos of 15 seconds on Tiktok which is an upgraded version of musically where you make lip sing videos.

Will the Mr. Faisu YouTube channel be a hit?

So, from there he went famous in Tiktok.

But after that Tiktok got banned by the Indian government and after that many tiktokers had moved to Youtube which they had criticized when there was a war between Youtubers and Tiktokers.

Now, most of the Tiktokers moved from Tiktok to Youtube to continue their journey.

Coming back to the question Will the Mr. Faisu YouTube channel be a hit?

Yes, Mr. Faisu is a hit on youtube also in terms of subscribers because we all know that making 1 million subscribers will take years for a normal person on youtube but Mr. Faisu had done it with only 11 videos on his channels and he got an advantage that he had already a fan base on Tiktok which helped him to grow on youtube. And we see 1 million subscribers on the youtube channel as successful YouTubers.


What will Faisu do after TikTok gets banned in India?

Mr.Faisu had started his own youtube channel in 2020 where he got more than 1 million subscribers on youtube with only 11 videos.

His main thing for getting a huge amount of subscribers in much less time because of his audience base from TikTok and his negative impression in front of YouTubers because these were the people who had a fight with YouTubers.

That’s the only reason why people watch their content because of the negative fame they get other than that there are other vloggers on youtube who were doing a good job on youtube.

Which is the most disliked video of Mr.Faisu?

The most disliked video of Mr. Faisu is his first video on youtube: Exploring Shillong | Shoot Diaries | Mr. Faisu which got 3.7 million dislikes and 594k likes.

And it’s counted in the most disliked videos on youtube.

Which platform will be next for Indian tiktokers after India banned TikTok?

Youtube and Instagram will be the next platform for all the Tiktokers because there are no other apps available that are popular now.


So, this is all for the question Will the Mr. Faisu YouTube channel be a hit?

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