Will MX Takatak able to beat YouTube Shorts in India?


In today’s article on Youtube mini we will discuss about Will MX Takatak able to beat YouTube Shorts in India?

Many of us know that MX takatak is the Indian version of tiktok which come to play when tiktok was banned in India.

But after ban of Tiktok in India, youtube also launched his new product called youtube shorts.

So, Will MX Takatak able to beat YouTube Shorts in India?

Let’s find out.

Will MX Takatak able to beat YouTube Shorts in India?

Talking about Mx takatak app which is a short video app where users were uploading videos which is less than 15 seconds like Tiktok.

Will MX Takatak able to beat YouTube Shorts in India?

And now when we come to youtube this app has now in 2021 had launched youtube shorts which is integarated in Youtube where billions of videos were already there.

Not only that youtube is already there since 2005 when there was no social media age and Youtube had gained authority in the market as well as a huge number of users.

Where as MX takatak app is only able to get some amount of user base because of Tiktok banned in India other than that there’s no reason for anyone to use this app.

Will MX Takatak able to beat YouTube Shorts in India?

But when we talk about youtube no matter if Tikotok was there or not it has a large amount of user base.

Now the main question came Will MX Takatak able to beat YouTube Shorts in India?

NO, because Youtube already had a large user base as compared to Mx takatak which started recently and not only that youtube is paying their creators to create content on their platforms whereas in takatak currently there is no monetisation available. And Tiktok was an entirely new concept for anyone in the world that’s the only reason why it has grabbed such a huge amount of user base but after the ban of Tiktok making a similar app like it will not work if your competitor has already had billions of users in their user base.

But if MX takatak bring something new which is creative and new for users then it can somewhere beat youtube shorts because youtube shorts is also a better version of Tiktok with some terms and conditions.


From which country mx takatak app is?

MX takatak app is made up by India after the ban of Tiktok.

Is YouTube shorts a good alternative for TikTok in India?

Yes, it is a good alternative for Tiktok in India but on youtube, there are certain limitations and guidelines against which you have to work whereas in tiktok every single video can get millions of views no matter how bad it is but when we talk about youtube shorts we have to follow youtube guidelines and produce content which is either valuable to the user or provide entertainment to users.

Why did YouTube choose India to launch YouTube Shorts first?

The reason is very practical because, after China, India is the country that got more than 136 crore people so if you want to test something that works or not giving it to 136 crore users can get a huge amount of data that can tell youtube whether the product will work or not and that’s the only reason why they had launched youtube shorts in India.

Is MX Takatak the best alternative to TikTok in the Indian market?

We need to understand human psychology that humans nowadays got bored when they already know what’s the product which they were getting and if they already know that it’s an Indian version of Tiktok and at the same time it isn’t popular then why one should use it that’s the reason why MX takatak wasn’t successful in India in 2021 and it can’t be the best alternative.

Would YouTube Shorts be a success like TikTok in India?

Youtube shorts were already getting successful in the Indian market because of the user base of youtube but we can’t say that it’s successful like Tiktok in India because the number of users Tiktok get when it comes to India in a short period of time Youtube shorts will not able to get that much of users to youtube and because there are no restrictions on tiktok many creators were there but in youtube, there are guidelines to create content.


So, this is the answer for Will MX Takatak able to beat YouTube Shorts in India?

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