[Reality] Why You should not Join Testbook As an Intern?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Why You should not Join Testbook As an Intern?

Today I will share my experience of getting an internship on testbook.com as a Youtube Marketing intern.

This is important for all those people who were looking for jobs in the IT field or were doing internships in different companies in the hope that you will get a job.

So, in this article, we will reveal all the things with proof such that nothing same happens with all the people who will join Testbook as an intern.

Let’s get started.

Why You should not Join Testbook As an Intern?

Earlier I was working on my own multiple startups which slowly growing and we all know good things take time to happen but as a middle-class mentality, all parents want to get a job and have a safe and secure life.

So, In the month of June because my parents forced me to get a job I have applied to multiple companies but because of Pandemic, some companies want an in-house employee that’s the reason why I didn’t get a permanent job.

But after applying to several companies I got a call from a company is Testbook.com.

At that time I was happy because I have worked on several youtube channels so I have a good amount of experience in it and after 3 rounds of interviews I get selected as a youtube marketing intern.

But after what happens is that we all should know so, here are some points on the basis of that you will know how the company really is:

Salary On-time salary credited in your account which will be less for the amount of work you give.
Seniors Behaviour Not good when you don’t do what they said
Hiring process Sugar-coated and make you fool about the company culture
HR No response after you resign
Work-Life balance No work-life balance
Work encouragement and appreciation No encouragement unless you do the ” Yes Sir” in everything
Certificates No certificates will be provided if you do 3 months of internship even if you do 6 months you have to keep emailing for a long time.
Permanent employee chances There are 0% chances that they will hire an intern


The first thing which is the most important thing is salary so as a Youtube Marketing Intern I was getting 10k per month for working 11 Am – 8 PM.

This is quite low for anyone who is working this much with lots of pressure from the Higher Authority.

And not only that they after each and every 2-4 months you will see an opening in Testbook.com in Indeed because after each and every month most of the people who were working as an intern leave the job.


The managers which will you get will also sugarcoat each and everything in the first 1 month and then after the end of 1 month, they will start showing you the true colours.

They just want someone who will work day and night for the company like a donkey who hasn’t any brain.

They were doing that amount of work because they were getting paid a lot and then also some of their permanent employees aren’t working well but just because you are an intern you have to do it.

After 1 month they will say that your work isn’t good you need to do something extra effort and you will do it because they promise that after 3 -6 if you had worked hard we will hire you but that’s just a lie for getting their work completed.

And the managers of the Youtube and Digital Marketing team think like they can do anything with interns giving a hope to give a job and after 6 months they will fire you saying that your work performance wasn’t good.

With me there are 2 more interns one had started with me and another one had already completed 4 months of internship.

The guy who had joined with me had left the internship within 1 month because of the pressure and because of so much pressure from the manager and the work timing wasn’t fixed.

The manager will call you after the work time and will say that do this thing now.

No matter whether it’s late night or not.

The other guy who had completed 4 months have appreciated the first 3 months he got the appreciation that you are doing a great job but after completion of 6 months of internship they had said that your work isn’t good enough.

Why because they don’t want any permanent employee.

So, he also left the company after 6 months even their main editor also left the Job.

At the starting of the 1st month, they will say that they will hire you after 3 months or 6 months if your work is good but let me give you proof of what they said to me.

[Reality] Why You should not Join Testbook As an Intern?

3.HR of the company

I won’t take the name but the employee in the HR department will show you that they care about their employee but honestly telling you they don’t.

In the time of joining they will sugar coat each and everything and will not tell you the actual reality.

But when you leave the company you have to beg them in order to get a salary slip or a certificate.

You did not know any company that will take 20 days to get a digital copy of a certificate.

In my case, after completing 3 months of internship I requested an internship certificate but firstly they had said yes even the HR had said that they will give me after 45-60 days.

But I have to apply to different companies so I requested them and the manager to give me earlier but after that, they said that they can’t give me the internship certificate.

Here is the proof:

Requested the Internship certificate and the HR had agreed
[Reality] Why You should not Join Testbook As an Intern?
After 25 days they had sent me this email

If you are an HR you are well-known to the companies policies how can you make this silly mistake it’s just that the email I had dropped earlier was at the time of leaving the company and the after email is after 25 days.

This shows that unless and until you are in their company they will sugarcoat things but after that, they didn’t care.

4. Senior behaviour

The seniors in the companies aren’t good they just show that they were very polite and humble but they aren’t.

When we talk about work there is a permanent senior employee who just sits and does nothing and just gives all the work to the interns.

There was a time when I was doing the job of 3 people but then also the manager said to me that I need to do some extra effort.

I was doing my work, seniors work and the work of a guy who had left after 6 months.

Then also there was no appreciation for my work and then they hired again an intern who doesn’t know anything about youtube and he creates the mess which I need to fix which means that I was doing 4 people work.

I know you were thinking that why you have done that because I want the job.

And there was an employee who handles the promotions who just share their videos on different platforms and even sometimes I do the work of her but both the manager appreciate her.

5.Work life balance

There was no work-life balance because even if you go to lunch they will call you to do the work because you are an intern.

After work time they will call you can you do this and do that but you can’t resist because you want the job.

So, in Testbook.com they will say that we follow party hard, work hard culture but that’s not true there’s nothing like that they just wanted the work and doesn’t care about anything.

The work-life balance is very hectic even as an intern within in 7 days I got to know that.

And I have decided to resign but they renegotiate the terms with me but when I have asked for being permanent in their company knowing that I have done 3-4 people job alone they said that your work wasn’t good.

If you join the company then your life will be hectic because I have seen that the seniors don’t do the work they just pass on all the work to the juniors or interns.

6.Work encouragement and appreciation

There will be an appreciation of your work until you do what they said you to do and if you resist that I can’t do it because you have to do others work also they will start saying that your work isn’t good enough.

And in terms of appreciation of work as an intern, you will not get it.

Personally, I had done the job of 4 people but they didn’t give credit or appreciation of anything to me.

7. Certificates

No certificate will be provided if you only complete 3 months of internship even small companies in my locality provide 1 month of the certificate.

And if you also completed 6 months of internship which isn’t an internship it’s a full-time job they will not give you a certificate unless and until you request it 10-20 times.

My personal Review

  • If you are hired as an intern don’t hope to get a permanent job at Testbook because you will not get it they will give any silly reason and won’t hire you.
  • There’s no work life balance and no appreaction or work.
  • They didn’t respect their employees or their teachers who were the pillars of their company.
  • Salary paid is way less for the work you will do. honestly telling that if you do that amount of work for your own thing you will get better results.
  • First 1 month they will say that you are doing a good job and when you ask them to hire you as an permanent employee they will start saying that your work isn’t good.
  • Testbook.com just hire interns to complete the work and after 6 month they will give you silly reasons and will fire you.
  • And you will not have any proof that you had worked because you didn’t have any certificates.


So, the conclusion here is that if you are hired as an intern then don’t expect to be permanent and if they say you to get their work don’t believe them because they will not.

I have personally experienced it after 3 months of doing an internship so my suggestion is that find some other company if you really wanted a job.

Personally, there’s a lot more than that to say about this company but I won’t the only thing which I will say is don’t join as an intern in this company.

And the reason behind writing this story is that this will not happen again with someone else.

So, this is all for the [Reality] Why You should not Join Testbook As an Intern?

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