Why Does YouTube Delete All Your Comments In Which You Put A Web Link?


In Today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Why Does YouTube Delete All Your Comments In Which You Put A Web Link?

We have seen that many people used to put a link in the comments of other youtube channels and after some time those links gets automatically disappeared.

And most of those who did this want to get traffic to their link or get a backlink from youtube or share a youtube video link such that other people will watch their videos.

So, in today’s article, we will tell you that Why Does YouTube Delete All Your Comments In Which You Put A Web Link?

Let’s get started.

Why Does YouTube Delete All Your Comments In Which You Put A Web Link?

Putting a video link or any other link on youtube comments on someone other channels thinking that those links will get traffic to your website or get views on your videos.

But after some time the link and your comment get disappear by the youtube algorithm and you can’t understand what was the reason behind it.

First, you need to understand the concept of youtube:

  • What youtube wants is that whenever a user comes to his website or uses his youtube app the more they spend time on youtube the better it will be for youtube because it will help youtube to understand better about that viewer and the better youtube understand about a viwer they will show them those types of ads which the user search content on youtube. Because the main source of reveune youtube makes is from ads so if a user stays on youtube the more ads he or she will be shown.

Now you get to know the basic concept of youtube coming back to the question.

Why Does YouTube Delete All Your Comments In Which You Put A Web Link?

When you put a web link on youtube comments and some viewer clicks on it will go to another website leaving youtube which youtube doesn’t want because it will be a loss for youtube. Because the more a user stays on youtube the more the revenue they get from ads. But if viewers click on those links to another website it will be a loss for youtube. That’s the only reason why youtube delete the comments in which you put a web link automatically.

Now, a question will come into your mind that how can you promote or put a web link on youtube?

To promote a web link on youtube there are 2 ways:

1.Free method

Create a youtube channel in your niche or around your website which you want to promote and there’s a term called “web mention”.

Where you will say your audience to go to the website on your video this will directly send traffic to your website.

Or you have 1000 subscribers on youtube and then get a community tab and whenever you write an article you can promote it in your community tab.

2. Paid method

Here you can have to spend some money to promote your link.

You can contact some small YouTubers and promote your website by mentioning your website in their videos this will get you traffic and authority and this video will last long forever on his channel.

Or you can run ads on Youtube which can get you targeted traffic.


Why does YouTube delete comments without telling channel owners?

Because youtube take responsibility that no one should spread hatred or bad things about anyone on youtube comments or write bad things about a creator because a comment can discourage or harm someone emotions and feelings. That’s the reason that people who write bad things about a creator or someone youtube algorithm automatically delete all those comments without telling channel owners.

Can you post YouTube links in the YouTube comment section?

No, you can’t post youtube links in youtube comments because no matter whether it’s a link to a youtube video or someone on another website youtube consider it spam so that’s why it deleted the youtube video links on youtube comments.

Why does youtube delete comments with links?

Youtube Delete comments with links because youtube doesn’t want anybody to click on the link and go somewhere else other than youtube which ultimately harms the youtube income because the more the users will be on the platform the more income they will make. That’s the reason why youtube delete comments with links.


So, this is all for the Why Does YouTube Delete All Your Comments In Which You Put A Web Link?

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One thought on “Why Does YouTube Delete All Your Comments In Which You Put A Web Link?

  • December 9, 2021 at 12:38 am

    So why doesn’t youtube have the decency to simply inform us that we shouldn’t post links in comments and give us the chance to edit them out, instead of deleting them without warning. I don’t know how much time i have wasted having well-researched comments removed without knowing why. Now i know that i should make obscure references to (rather than an URL) other web pages, i shall do that. In fact, i’m so angry at youtube that i’m going to make extra effort to drive traffic away, as often as i can.


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