Why Do There Have To Be Ads On YouTube?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, We will talk about Why do there have to be ads on YouTube?

We all know that there are plenty of ads on Youtube when we watch a video on any monetised channel.

But do you know what if there would be no ads on youtube?

Then you will get to know all about it in this article.

So, let’s get started.

Why do there have to be Ads on YouTube?

Why do there have to be Ads on YouTube?

If you are also a creator then you need to read this article because it can be helpful to understand the concept of youtube better.

So, if you are just starting out or already started youtube then you know that the main revenue of Youtube comes from Advertisement.

And the more you can engage the audience on youtube platform in order to watch videos of yours the more money you will made.

Now you have got a brief that how youtube makes income.

Coming back to the question Why does there have to be Ads on YouTube?

If youtube doesn’t have ads on their videos then there will be no youtube 90% of creators are on youtube because through youtube you can earn the plenty amount of money which becomes the active source of income for many people. But if suppose there are no ads on youtube then youtube will not able to earn money and then youtube creators will also don’t get any money and then no creators will come to youtube to upload content. So, if youtube time stops paying money to creators then there will be no future for youtube and its creators that the reason Why do there have to be Ads on YouTube.

So, if you are one of them who were against ads on youtube then you should understand that if there will be no ads you can’t learn anything from youtube or you will not saw any value able videos on youtube because money is the main motivation to create value able information or content on youtube.

Now, some will say that we haven’t come on youtube because of money yes it can be true for some people but most of the people were on youtube because of either fame or money.


So, this is all for the question Why do there have to be ads on YouTube?

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