Why Do People Post YouTube Videos With English Titles But The Content Is Not In English?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Why Do People Post YouTube Videos With English Titles But The Content Is Not In English?

We all wonder that when we search for a video on youtube which is mostly in English but the content over youtube which are ranking are not in English.

So, we search for youtube videos from different regions but the videos that appeared on youtube were mostly in different languages but the title was in English.

What are the reasons behind that we will let you know in detail in this article.

So, let’s get started.

Why Do People Post YouTube Videos With English Titles But The Content Is Not In English?

The reason behind this is because is a machine that mostly understands the English language all over the world and people all over the world mostly search in English languages that are the reason why the content is in a different language but the title is in the English language. But that doesn’t mean that youtube doesn’t understand other languages. If you write your titles in the Hindi language then it may be possible that the chances of your video appearing in youtube search will be less that’s another reason why most YouTubers use English or [Native language]+ English in their titles.

Using native + English language in the title

Now you are wondering that then how youtube separate videos which were in the native language or in English then let me tell you that youtube has a voice recognition system that understands the language and the words you were using in the videos in this way youtube separates the native language and English language videos according to the viewer’s location.

Are the videos appear on Youtube search were always in English?

Yes, most of the videos which appear in the youtube search results were mostly in English because not many people search in their native language but it’s also possible that if you make a video on a topic that is searchable and the title is in your native language and it got plenty of views and watch time then it can rank but for that to happen the video should go to more number of people first.

And it will only happen when youtube recognise or understand the metadata of the videos which will be easy for youtube if it’s in English.

What would happen if we write the titles in the native language?

It will only be shown to the people who were like to watch videos in their native language and definitely can get views but there will be less possibility that it will appear in search compared to English titles. And if you write the main keywords in English and use other things in English then you will be able to rank the videos.

How to write the title to get rank for both english and native language?

If you want to write the title in English and native language you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. First search for the keyowrds which you want to rank for
  2. Then search for the synonyms of those keywords in english as well as in your native language
  3. Then first use the title in english language and give a pipe sign ” | ” and then use the same title in your native language
  4. Or you can also use the main keywords only in english and rest can be in native language.
  5. It will make youtube understand that if a user search for this keywords in english or native language your video is relevant to this topic.

But the matter of fact is that it will rank when it has more views and watch time.

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Does the region also depend upon which content will be ranked in your search results?

Yes, it also depends upon from which region you are searching particular keywords if you are let’s say searching a particular video on youtube then it most probably show the results for the YouTubers in your region only. But sometimes it can also happen that if 2 videos on a searchable topic will rank for many countries no matter they were in different languages because it has more views and watch time.

How should you write a YouTube video’s title & description if your video language is Hindi?

To write a youtube video title in Hindi follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Analsye in which keywords you want to rank for or make videos on.

Step 2: Search the keyowrds on youtube and all the relevant keywords around it.

Step 3: Now, ifyou want to make the title catchy then write it in 2 ways:

  • Hindi + English
  • First hindi then ” | ” English.

Now, coming to the description part follow these simple steps:

Many of us just copy and paste the tiltle of our video in the description but it wasn’t enough because youtuebe recognise everything and youtube always say that write it in a natural language.

Step 1: First 200 words of description will be displayed in belwo the video so make sure that you add relevant keywords related to the topic not just copy paste but write in a paragraph form.

Step 2: Give call to action it can be link of your other relavant videos (but mostly give link of your other videos) or it can be link of your social media.

Step 3: Then make sure that you introduce all the other long tail keywords which are synonyms of your main keywords in a story form which means explain more about your videos in 400 – 500 words.


Why do people from India put English titles to their YouTube videos and speak Hindi only?

Because titles that are in Hindi will have fewer chances of getting ranked for English keywords and will eventually have fewer views and another thing is that videos which are having titles in Hindi will get less revenue or CPC or CPM from advertisers.

Can I use other’s YouTube video titles for my videos?

No, you should not use the same titles as other youtube videos because if you copy video titles that were already published on youtube then at the same title why youtube will rank you if the same video is already got some views. But what you can do is take inspiration from those video titles and then alter the titles and make some catchy titles from that then there will be more chances that you will be getting more views than just copying the other YouTubers titles.

Why does YouTube have so many Hindi videos with English titles that specify [Hindi] in the title? Why not just write the title in Hindi?

Youtube is a machine, not a human who can easily understand the native language and in the end, it understands the programing language (HTML) which mostly is in English. And the English titles or keywords will be more searchable and advertisers will pay more in English keywords than Hindi keywords. And if you write the whole title in Hindi then there are fewer chances that your video will get views and get ranked unless and until you get lot’s of views and watch time.

Should I write my YouTube video title in my native language if my content is in my native language?

Use both native languages and in English then it will help you to get more reach on youtube that will be more profitable for you in long term.

Why are my YouTube videos only watched in the UK and the US when there are so many other countries where English is the main language?

Because you are using the keywords which were mostly searched in UK and US and not many videos were there in the topics you are making videos on. And you have lots of views that’s the reason why you are getting more traffic from the UK and US on your youtube channel.

Should I talk in English or my native language in my YouTube video?

If you want to get more reach and get more views then use the title either in pure English or in [native language + English language] and then use your native language in what you will be speaking in your videos. And if you are comfortable in speaking English then it can be also good for you because then it will not limit your content only in your region.

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So, this is all for the Why Do People Post YouTube Videos With English Titles But The Content Is Not In English?

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