Who is the YouTuber Dream?

Who is the YouTuber Dream?

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Who is the YouTuber Dream?

Many people were asking about who is the YouTuber Dream?

And why he’s so much famous on youtube.

That big creators like Mr Beast also follow him on youtube.

So, in this article, we will let you know about Who is the YouTuber Dream?

Let’s get started.

Who is the YouTuber Dream?

First thing first I need to tell you that this YouTuber is amazing.

And nobody knows anything about him even though he had a million followers on social media platforms.

But still, nobody knows about him.

Who is the YouTuber Dream?

And we had tried to make you know some things about him.

Name of the ChannelDream
Subscribers25 million subscribers
Started his channel8 Feb 2014
Real NameDanny Gonzalez

So, after a long time, he had revealed his face on youtube.

He already working on youtube for already a long time where his channel name is Danny Gonzalez.

Which is having more than 4.73 million subscribers on youtube.

But as he explained in his video about his plan that he had started his channel Dream on youtube as a dream project that’s the only reason why he gives the name of Dream.

And he wanted to test that how big he can grow on youtube.

How does he start the Dream channel?

Earlier he was running his channel on youtube named Danny Gonzalez.

And he had built a good amount of youtube audience but after some time he got bored of making that type of video and that’s when he decided to become one of the biggest Minecraft YouTubers on earth.

Eventually, he becomes one.

How much Dream earns from youtube?

When I saw his videos on youtube he is quite amazing so I also checked that how much he’s earning from youtube but I didn’t find any ads on his channel.

But if he enables his channel monetisation then he can earn up to $27.5k/month minimum from youtube adsense

But many people will also ask this question that:

How does Dream make it so big?


So, this is all for the question Who is the YouTuber Dream?

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