Who is the First YouTuber of free fire?


In today’s article on Youtube mini, we will discuss the topic of Who is the First YouTuber of free fire?

Most of us play some games in our free time some play PUBG and some plays FREE FIRE.

But after the Ban of PUBG in India free fire was the game that becomes most popular.

And still, PUBG hasn’t come back to India yet.

So, do you know Which is the first YouTuber who play free fire?

Then this article will tell you all about this.

Let’s get started.

Who is the First YouTuber of free fire? | Free Fire First Youtuber

After PUBG got banned in India most of the PUBG lovers had shifted to Free fire which is similar to PUBG to some extent.

But most of us wanted to know Who is the First YouTuber of free fire?

So, the first YouTuber of free fire who had started playing is Ds Pedro Free fire who belongs to Brazil and is the first YouTuber of free fire.

When PUBG was in his boom and the free-fire wasn’t that famous from that time Ds Pedro free fire has started uploading the gameplay of free fire.

Who is the First YouTuber of free fire?

But because at that point in time free fire wasn’t that much popular and nobody watches his content on youtube at that time that’s the reason why he quit uploading videos on youtube.

And do you know the number of users of free fire in India daily is more than 4 crore which is very huge and the part of India which is used to play free fire a lot is in West Bengal?

Now there will be a question that Who is the first YouTuber of free fire in India?

The first YouTuber of free fire in India is: Indian gaming league channel

He started playing free fire when Jio brings the revolution to the internet but before that, he was playing clash of clans.

Who is the Top 5 most subscribed free fire youtube channel in the world?

The most subscribed free fire youtube channel in the world were:

  1. Frontal Gaming (11.4 million susbcribers)
  2. NOBRU (12.9 million subscribers)
  3. Dyland Pros (15 million subscribers)
  4. Total Gaming (27.9 million subscribers)
  5. TheDonato (25.3 million subscribers)


How can I earn money by playing Free Fire games?

To earn money by playing free fire follow these simple steps:

1. Make videos on Youtube

Make gameplay videos or videos in which you can teach all the users that how to get this game character and how to do this type of content because people wanted to know about any game there are hardcore fans of any games so if you make interesting gameplay and how-to video you can earn money from youtube by monetizing your content.

Like Techno Gamerz.

2. Build a brand around it

If you want to earn big money then you should have to build a brand about that particular topic which means that you need to provide an immense amount of value to your audience such that whenever they need anything related to Free Fire your name will come into their mind.

3. Play tournaments

There are tournaments that offer some prize money which you can earn by winning so you can compete if you are a pro player and earn money from it.


So, this is all about the question Who is the First YouTuber of free fire?

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