Who is Rickshaw wali (Anisha Dixit) on YouTube?


In today’s article of Youtube Mini we will be talking about Who is Ricksha Wali (Anisha Dixit) on YouTube?

Many people will think that who is she?

Because we had used 2 names here Rickshaw wali and Anisha dixit.

You will get to know a lot about her in this article of Youtube mini.

So, let’s get started.

Who is Rickshaw wali on youtube?

Who is Rickshaw wali (Anisha Dixit) on YouTube?
Real Name of rickshaw wali Anish Dixit
Age of Rickshaw wali 30 years (2021)
Income of Rickshaw wali Approx 9 lakhs rupees per month
Instagram ID Anisha Dixit
Twitter ID Anisha Dixit

Rickshaw wali was a youtube channel on youtube where the creator is creating comedy content most of the time.

The Youtube channel was started on November 17, 2013.

Now the channel name was changed to Anisha dixit which is her channel owner name.

But why she had changed the name of his channel you will get to know in detail about it in the end.

Currently, Rickshaw wali aka Anisha Dixit had over 2.71 million subscribers over youtube and had more than 40 crore views.

Overall the platforms she had used the name of Rickshaw wali but only on youtube, he had changed his name to Anisha Dixit.

Apart from creating comedy content the channel Anisha Dixit or Rickshaw wali also said that she had created the channel to empower other women or girls.

By talking on some topics which were not commonly or openly talked by anyone.

Before starting his own Youtube channel over youtube she had worked in multiple films and theatre had done his acting course from LA, California.

She also knows multiple languages like Hindi, English ,french, German.

What is the Rickshaw wali Instagram id?

The Rickshaw wali instagram id is : Anisha Dixit

Which is the Rickshaw wali youtube channel?

The Rickshaw wali Youtube channel is : Anisha dixit (Earlier know as Rickshaw wali)


1.How much does Anisha Dixit (Rickshawali) earn per month from YouTube?

According to the social blade, the Earning of Rickshawali aka Anisha Dixit youtube channel is $748 -$12k which is around 55k – approx 9 lakhs rupees per month.

But that’s not all they were earning more than that because here we can only calculate the income of the youtube channel, not the sponsorships.

2.When and why did the YouTube channel Rickshawali become Anisha Dixit? Is there a reason? Did Anisha change her channel’s name because something happened?

The channel name was earlier known as Rickshaw wali was changed on Jan 18, 2020, the reason behind changing the name was that most of the audience doesn’t get to know what the youtube channel is all about.

And they were not interacting that much to her channel and lots of reason which were related to his purpose of her channel.

Because earlier for Anisha Dixit the name seems to be very cool and interesting but later on she gets to know that many people were not getting what the channel is all about because of his channel name.

3.Why is YouTuber MostlySane (Prajakta Koli) more successful than Rickshawali (Anisha Dixit) although entertainment provided by both is really good but is it that the cuteness and looks of Prajakta that gives her an edge over Anisha?

Youtuber Mostly sane aka Prajakta Koli is having more than 6.15 million subscribers on youtube which is very low when we compared to Rickshaw wali aka Anisha Dixit.

Although we all know that both channel creators were girls and somewhere their channel content was the same but what we had noticed is that the content of Rickshaw wali is somewhat the same.

Whereas when we talk about mostly sane her content is not the same every time she created content not only topics that are related to women only that’s can be a reason for his channel growth.

Another reason can be that not all people want to watch comedy content every time they want something which they can also relate to and that’s what most sane does.

4.Is Rickshaw wali the girlfriend of Technical Guruji?

No, Rickshaw wali isn’t the girlfriend of technical guru ji although they were good friends and Technical Guruji is still single.

This misunderstanding is created because of the collaboration that they had done as you can see in this video.

5.Who is Rickshaw wali husband?

The name of Rickshaw wali husband is Caleebh.


So, this is all about the question Who is Ricksha wali (Anisha Dixit) on YouTube?

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