Which YouTubers have helped Baba Ka Dhaba?


In today’s article, we will be talking about Which YouTubers have helped Baba Ka Dhaba?

Most of us wanted to know that who’s the youtube who had helped Baba ka Dhaba.

But the official name wasn’t there and if there was a name we don’t have enough information about youtube and doesn’t know what happened with Baba ka Dhaba.

So, in this article, you will get to know and everything about Baba Ka Dhaba and the youtube which helped baba ka Dhaba.

Let’s get started.

Which YouTubers have helped Baba Ka Dhaba?

In the pandemic period, we had heard the name of Baba ka Dhaba which is still famous in 2021 because of its controversy and not only that many big celebrities had also helped the old couple such that they can survive.

Now, The YouTuber Name is Gaurav Wasan from Youtube Swaad official youtube channel who helped Baba ka Dhaba, who makes videos of all types of foods in India by going to different places in India.

So, let us know more about the Youtuber Gaurav Wasan.

Which YouTubers have helped Baba Ka Dhaba?
Name of the Youtuber Gaurav Wasan
Name of the youtube channel Swad Official
Subscribers 775k
Started in Jun 21, 2018
Content-Type Food blogging
Earnings $7.7k monthly according to the social blade

In Gaurav Wasan Channel that is swad official you will get diffrent types of street food which were famous in different parts of the country but still many people were not known to it.

And Gaurav Wasan main Aim is to provide them the reach that they really deserve because we all go to big restaurants but still the taste we get in Dhaba is next level.

Story behind Baba Ka Dhaba & Gaurav Wasan

So, recently in the pandemic period many business were shutting down because there was 6 month of complete lockdown and that the reason very lower middle class people who were dependent on their little business were very affected.

At that time Coincidently gaurav wasan meet Baba ka dhaba where two 80 year old couple were selling food and due to pandemic no one were coming to their stall so gaurav wasan made a video appealing that help these people.

Due to the reach of social media the video went viral and many people had donated money for these couple selling food in their stall and not only that very big celebrities also donated a lot of money in to the Baba ka dhaba owner account.

But because of some misunderstanding Baba ka dhaba owner filed a complained against Gaurav wasan that he had taken money on his name.

So, Gauarv Wasan had shown the proof of all teh money that was transferred in to Baba ka Dhaba Account and after some time when baba ka dhaba got more than 60 lakhs rupees.

And he opened his own small restaurant with that money and that restaurant gets flop and they came back to the original situation they were in earlier.

Latest News about Baba ka Dhaba

Now after knowing the truth that Gaurav wasan doesb’t taken any money of Baba Ka dhaba the owner said sorry to him in the latest video.


Why is Baba Ka Dhaba so famous on social media nowadays?

Because of the emotion which is shown in the video by Gaurav wasan in the pandemic period a 80 year old couple were facing problem so all teh emotions inside all humans made this video went viral on social media.

What did Baba ka Dhaba do to the YouTubers who helped him?

After Baba ka dhaba started getting money from all the people across India his attitude suddenly changed and he started saying and things about the YouTuber who made him famous over night and filed a complaint against him that he hadn’t given all the money which is given by other people.

What lessons did YouTubers learn from Baba ka Dabha?

Two lesson which we can learn from this is that no matter how good you do for other people when it comes to money anybody can change and the second thing is that teh person who can’t manage money if you give them 100 crores then also they will be again poor.

Will people ever help these street vendors without any social media news like this old couple at Baba Ka Dhaba?

In India most of the population is middle class not all the people can afford to go for high class restaurant so they some where rely on these street foods and that’s the reason why many street vendors are there but not because of the money but the taste you will get in these street vendors food will not be comparablto big classy restaurants.

Yes, people are helping these people but not all people are the same.

Who is the owner of Baba Ka dhaba?

Kanta prasad is the owner of Baba Ka dhaba.

Where is Baba Ka Dhaba?

Baba ka dhaba is situated in Malviya Nagar, Delhi.


So, this is all for Which YouTubers have helped Baba Ka Dhaba?

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