Which works best while answering on Quora hyperlink or footnote?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will discuss which works best while answering on Quora hyperlink or footnote?

A friend of mine on Linkedin had asked this question and I thought that yes this is a very good question which many people think of.

Why not answer in detail for them.

So, let’s get started.

Which works best while answering on Quora hyperlink or footnote?

When you are writing an answer on Quora there are 2 reasons either you want to help people or you want to promote your website.

Most of the people use Quora because they want to promote their website or any link.

But you can also do the promotion by providing value there’s nothing bad in it if you provide value and promote your products.

So, now the real question comes to mind that Which works best while answering on Quora hyperlink or footnote?

To understand which is better you need to understand human behaviour how people were reacting to the answers.

Suppose, you are going to write an answer for a question which there are already people who have written the answers than what you need to do is analyze that the answers were short or long. If the short answers are written were getting more views then means the users were not willing to read more lengthy paragraphs so in that case use a hyperlink in between your answers. But if you found that the answers are already written were long and getting a good amount of views in this case you can use both hyperlink and footnote.

Always try to understand from the human or user perspective then only you will get to know what the users want and then only you can get optimal results.

Footnotes and hyperlinks are used for giving a reference to other articles or other sources which can be helpful for the users not for spamming.

For example, you can see these 2 images below and you can understand what is happening here is:

Which works best while answering on Quora hyperlink or footnote?
A good way to promote
Which works best while answering on Quora hyperlink or footnote?
Spammy way to promote


How do I add a footnote to a Quora answer?

To add a footnote on a Quora answer follow these simple steps:

1. Copy the link which you need to add as a footnote
2. Then click the link on the top of the answer section of Quora there you will get the option of footnote to check the box and click on add.
3. Then your footnote is added at the bottom of your answer.

What are footnotes, and how can I use them on Quora?

Footnotes and hyperlinks are nothing but a reference that is given in Quora to get more detailed information about that particular topic. You can add footnotes and hyperlinks to give in detailed answers references to the user if the user wants to know more.

Is sharing a link in the footer of a Quora answer better than a hyperlink in the article, and how many links are allowed?

Sharing a hyperlink would be better than a footnote because not all people read the complete answers and a footnote was only added at the bottom as compared to a hyperlink you can add in the starting or anywhere in the Quora answers.

There are no specified numbers that were given from Quora that this number of links were applicable but you need to understand here both from the Quora platforms perspective as well as from user perspective.

Quora wants that the readers who come to quora to get information will spend time their most of their time on platforms such that quora will earn money from ads. So, if you use any links in your articles that means you were taking the users from quora so there are high chances that quora will block you from writing answers.

At the same time, users want that they get their answers as much quickly as possible but if you put so many links it looks spammy in the eyes of users so there are chances that users will not read your answers no matter how quality answers you have written.

What is a footnote in quora?

A footnote in quora is a link that is automatically added when you click on the footnote button in quora when you write an answer.

How to add a link in quora answer?

To add a link on quora answer there are 2 ways:

1. Adding a hyperlink

In this method, you need to manually select the keyword in which you want to link and then click on the link icon (🔗) and add the link.

2. Adding a footnote

In this method, you need to just click on the check box of footnote and put the link and it will automatically add the link in the footer section or bottom of your answers on quora.

How to get more views on quora?

To get more views on quora you need to first find the answers which are either trending or whether the answer is having more than 5-10 answers which means that users were interested in that topic in your niche then write an answer on that and automatically when you repeat the process for many answers you will start getting results.

How to earn from quora?

To earn from quora there are many ways:
1. Write answers and add a link to your affiliate products or services
2. Drive traffic to your website
3. Earn from the quora space program where you create a group or space where you share knowledge and then you will earn money the more the people join and read or watch your content.


So, this is all about Which works best while answering on Quora hyperlink or footnote?

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