Where does MR Beast get money for all the crazy videos?

In today’s article of Youtube mini, we will discuss Where does MR Beast get money for all the crazy videos?

Many of us know Mr beast who is youtube most subscribed and the richest YouTuber on youtube.

But what we really want to know is Where does MR Beast get money for all the crazy videos?

Because spending this much money on just youtube income isn’t possible.

So, we will give you the answers to your questions.

Let’s get started.

Where does MR Beast get money for all the crazy videos?

To understand Where does MR Beast get money for all the crazy videos?

We need to first analyse the channel of Mr beast.

Where does MR Beast get money for all the crazy videos?

According to the social blade, the average view per month of Mr beast youtube channel is 635.284M per month.

And if you calculate with the minimum CPM of youtube which is between 0.1 – 0.3 so take an average of 0.2 so if we calculate then it will be equal to 127 million dollars per month.

From his merchandise, he makes around 400k dollars.

But the amount he gives to all his employees per month is around 600k dollars per month which is a very big number.

So, you can estimate that how much he spent to make his videos so where does the actual money come from because spending this much money on each of his videos isn’t that easy to do.

If he does in his every video he can be near to bankrupt but he isn’t.

Now talking about the question Where does MR Beast get money for all the crazy videos? (how Mr beast spend so much money?) | Where does Mr beasts money come from?

Most of us think that he earns money from Youtube Adsense, merchandise, affiliate but it’s not true because the money he spends on one video is more than he earns from his youtube Adsense. So, Mr beast gets money for all the crazy videos ideas from crowdfunding and sponsors because there are many people who support Mr beast and there are brands who are ready to pay millions of dollars for a single video he gets the money for all those crazy videos. You can watch this video to know more.


Why did MrBeast blow up on YouTube so much this year?

Mr beast is blowing up on youtube so much this year because he had made videos that were so extreme that nobody on youtube was making it to that extent that’s one of the main reasons that he had created a milestone that none of the YouTubers can achieve by putting so much money in making videos and people like to see these videos which no one can believe happen.

Is Mr Beast fake?

Most of the viewers think that Mr beast is a fake YouTuber whatever he shows in his videos is not true or real but that’s the only side of the story if Mr beast is fake then why these many subscribers were subscribed to his channel and if his videos were fake then someone will be there who can expose him but there is no one who had exposed him and has proof that his videos were fake because of the money he spent in his videos that nobody can doesn’t mean that it is fake.

How did Mr Beast become so viral on YouTube?

Youtuber Mr beast had himself told in his interview that 2 factors that help him to get viral on youtube were :
1. Thumbnail (CTR)
2. Watch time

If your videos get more CTR (Click through rates ) then the youtube algorithm finds that videos were more clicked by users it’s a signal that the users were more likely to watch that youtube video than youtube push those videos to more users.

And if your videos got more views and viewers were watching them for a long time then boom your videos are ready to get viral on youtube.

But the simple it seems it wasn’t that simple because Mr beast had worked very hard for 4 years without any subscribers and then he figured out what works on youtube and what doesn’t work.

How do I buy Mr Beast merchandise in India?

To buy Mr beast merchandise from India you can buy it from Amazon India.

Who is Mr beast Girlfriend?

The name of Mr beast girlfriend is Maddy Spidell who is also a YouTuber and vlogger.


So, this is the answer for Where does MR Beast get money for all the crazy videos?

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