What’s the importance of the human face on youtube thumbnail?


What’s the importance of the human face on youtube thumbnail? that’s a question which is asked so many times.

And we didn’t have a detailed answer to this question.

But after this article, you will get to know that what’s the importance of the human face on youtube thumbnail?.

There are lots of things that you need to take care of if you work on youtube in 2021.

Because now there is competition on youtube where you need to create an attractive thumbnail to grab user attention.

Earlier it was easy because there weren’t that many videos on youtube.

So, let’s get started and find out the answer.

What’s the importance of the human face on youtube thumbnail?

For understanding What’s the importance of the human face on youtube thumbnail.

We have taken different niches from youtube.

And we will see that which type of thumbnails in different niches works and which didn’t.

So, here are the 5 niches which we are taking to explain:

  • 1.Gaming
  • 2.How-to videos
  • 3.Food
  • 4.Vlogs
  • 5.Tech


When we were searching for thumbnails or videos which were getting most of the views we got the most famous gaming channel in India which is: Techno gamerz.

And here are some of the thumbnails which you can see.

What's the importance of the human face on youtube thumbnail?
techno gamerz thumbnail

In these videos, Techno Gamerz got 4.2 million views which are a very huge number of views.

And after analysing this thumbnail which is very simple but at the same time, it’s very effective.

Because here in the thumbnail there is suspense created that what had happened after this.

And at the same time, there is a human face.

So, After analysing this thumbnail we got to know that thumbnails which are having suspense with a human presence on them can grab user attention.

2.How-to videos

When we searched for how-to videos we got some of the channels that were getting a good amount of views.

What's the importance of the human face on youtube thumbnail?
What's the importance of the human face on youtube thumbnail?
What's the importance of the human face on youtube thumbnail?

There are a few reasons why these how-to videos got the most views on youtube because when you are stuck in something that you search how to do this.

And most viewers were searching on youtube either for entertainment or how to do this thing.

But why do these videos get most of the views?

Because here also a human face or presence is there and the mid thumbnail which got 23 million of views having something different.

See when we search for how to do something as a user what we look for either the video got most of the views.

Either the thumbnail shows that the person is doing that particular thing as you can see in the middle-one thumbnail.

And sometimes you click because know the person or his channel name you will click on it but most of the time when you get to see that person is actually doing that what we were looking for you click on it.

Or when we see something interesting in the thumbnail.

There is another thumbnail on how to edit a video as you can see below.

Why does this video get few views because there’s nothing that can arouse suspense or the creator isn’t showing in the thumbnail about editing?

And there’s no human presence.

But he got millions of subscribers.

So, that shows in 2021 you don’t need subscribers to get millions of views and youtube never send a notification to all the subscribers of your channel.

3.Food channels

In food channels, it’s all about the presentation of the food that you had made.

In these types of channels, you need to tease the user by showing the delicious food.

Then only you will get the users to watch the videos.

youtube food thumbnail

Here you don’t need to have a human presence in the thumbnail because a user is coming to watch totally about food.

So, if you want to show your face then you can show it in videos but in thumbnail, you need to have something related to food.


In the vlogging sector in India, you can learn how to create thumbnails from Gaurav Taneja and if you are from outside India you can learn from Mr beast.

Both the channels were great at grabbing attention.

And Gaurav Taneja is very good at it.

He creates suspense and arouses curiosity in the mind of users and at the same time his thumbnails had a human presence.

Now talking about Mr beast when we look into his videos he got 20-30 million views.

Because he create thumbnails that were extraordinary because he does things to a very large extent and that’s kind of surprising for a normal viewer.

And it makes users see what happens when he does that so they watch it.

5.Tech channels

In tech channels, we had to learn from Technical Guruji.

Because most of the channels were making videos about mobiles and showing mobile phones.

But what technical guruji does is insane and at the same time grabs user attention.

technical guruji thumbnail

In this thumbnail, if you see for a second you got confused that which Lamborgini guruji is talking about giving to us.

And that gives you a reason to watch the entire video.

As you can see in the thumbnail it’s very simple and effective.

Nothing high type of editing or designing is there it’s very simple but effective.

So, if you think that you need to have great at designing then look at all the thumbnails they were very simple.

(Important things on how to make attractive thumbnail for youtube ) Here’s what we had learned:

What we had learned from analysing all the thumbnails from different niches?
1. Thumbnails should be simple
2. Must have a human presence
3. Create curiosity in users mind
4. Show some glimpse of actually doing it in the thumbnail
5. Must have some reaction (shock, sad, happy etc)
6. Less text more emotions


1.Are YouTube thumbnails important?

Absolutely yes, youtube thumbnails were important because that’s one of the things that people see and click on the videos.

If you randomly use any thumbnail which is not seen as compelling to the viewers you will be lost in the youtube ocean.

Because youtube will only promote those creators content which can get more users to click and watch their videos.

So, having a compelling thumbnail is very important for any creator in 2021.

2.What makes a YouTube thumbnail appealing?


That’s common things which are seen on all the creator’s thumbnails who were getting millions of views on their videos for example creators like Mr beast.

If you do not give any emotions or something that create curiosity in the viewer’s mind then your videos gonna lost in the youtube ocean.

3.How can I make a clickbait YouTube thumbnail?

To make a clickbait youtube thumbnail these things were very important:

  1. Emotions (Happy, sad, angry etc)

2. Human face

3. Less text

4. Thumbnail showing relevant to the video title

4.What are some ways to make YouTube thumbnails more clickable?

To make youtube thumbnails more clickable follow these steps:

1.Analyse your competitors or other creators thumbnails.

2. And pick all those videos thumbnails that were most popular to their channel.

3. Use all the tactics, emotions, colour combination which is used by them.

Then only you will get to know which thumbnail is working and which isn’t and how you can optimise that.

5.Can I use YouTube thumbnails in my website?

Yes, you can use a youtube thumbnail on your website but it should be yours or either the thumbnail you were using from youtube channels should be edited from your side.

Because the creator found that if you had used his youtube thumbnails then there are more chances to get DMCA copyright in your website.

Why is a youtube thumbnail important? | importance of youtube thumbnails

Youtube thumbnail is important because it shows and creates a curiosity in the mind of users that what will be happening next in the video that we need to know about so it makes a viewer click on your video which eventually watches your video if your video is good but when we compare a video without thumbnail there are way fewer chances that a user will click and watch.

Why do youtubers put their face in the thumbnail?

Because having a human face on the thumbnail gives an emotional touch which makes the user think about what had happened that the YouTuber is sad or happy let’s watch the video. That’s the reason why a thumbnail which is having a human face or has an emotion get more clicks than without a face.

Can youtube thumbnails be copyrighted?

Yes, you can copyright youtube thumbnails but it’s a manual process just like in youtube video whenever a user copy your video and upload it on their own channel then youtube will tell you about it in your youtube dashboard but when a user copy the thumbnail there’s no automatic process but as a YouTuber, you had to take down the video thumbnail on your own.


After analysing what we got to know about the question What’s the importance of the human face on youtube thumbnail?

That emotion plays a major role in most of the thumbnails.

And in 2021 if you want to get user attention you need to put emotions and human presence in your thumbnails.

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