What Would Happen If YouTube Completely Lost Its Ads?

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about What Would Happen If YouTube Completely Lost Its Ads?

We all knew that youtube creators were on youtube in the initial stage the primary income was from Youtube adsense.

And as you grow on youtube you will more likely to shift from Youtube adsense to brand deals.

But what if all the youtube monetisation will be lost from youtube and ads will stop popping up on youtube?

So, in this article, we will tell you What Would Happen If YouTube Completely Lost Its Ads?

let’s get started.

What Would Happen If YouTube Completely Lost Its Ads?

If youtube completely lost its ads from its platform then most of the YouTubers who are willing to start a channel on youtube or having a channel on youtube will stop putting content on youtube and youtube will be having a huge loss in terms of ads revenue and in terms of creators and content. But because youtube isn’t dependent on any other platform for running the ads on youtube that’s why they will not lose monetisation and brands who runs ads on youtube.

Now, you know that What Would Happen If YouTube Completely Lost Its Ads.

You should also know that Why youtube will never get a collapse in terms of revenue?

Because youtube had created an ecosystem through which if one revenue system gets collapsed or stopped there are many other revenue systems on youtube that will make them money on a continuous basis but the majority of the revenue of youtube comes from advertisers who were running ads. Other than that youtube had its Youtube premium which not most people over the world uses. And because there are many advertisers whose company is running because they were advertising on youtube and getting sales so if someday if youtube will lost all its monetisation ways then many companies other than youtube will also shut down.

What would happen if youtube stops its monetisation on youtube videos?

Youtube has over 2.29 billion users on youtube and if it stops monetisation on youtube which means that youtube content creators (Small and medium) will stop creating content because their main source of revenue comes from youtube adsense but all the channels who were having millions of subscribers (Few) were now not dependent on youtube adsense. But still, most of them were depending on youtube adsense and if they start moving from youtube to another platform where they will get monetisation then youtube will collapse in a year.


So, this is all for the What Would Happen If YouTube Completely Lost Its Ads?

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