What we can do to stop invalid clicks in Google AdSense?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about What we can do to stop invalid clicks in Google AdSense?

If you are a blogger or a content creator on web you have gone through this phase or may be not.

But getting invalid clicks can make your Google adsene account suspended.

Which can effect your hard earned money.

So, in this article we will tell you all about What we can do to stop invalid clicks in Google AdSense?

Let’s get started.

What we can do to stop invalid clicks in Google AdSense?

If you are also facing a problem of getting invalid click on Adsense and at the end of the month a big chunk of money is deducted due to invalid clicks.

Or your account got suspended or you got ads limit in your account then you should implement this strategy.

Now coming back to the question What we can do to stop invalid clicks in Google AdSense?

If you want to stop invalid clicks in your Google Adsense and you are running your website in WordPress then you can implement or use a plugin called Adsense invalid clicks protector. This will block those users who were clicking the ads with no purpose and you can set that I a single user is clicking more than 2 ads then simply block him or her for 1 month or 1 week. This will help you to save your Adsense account and make your earnings safe.

What we can do to stop invalid clicks in Google AdSense?

This happened with me earlier that’s the reason why i am sharing this valuable information with you.

There are people who will always there to make your earnings low so use the plugins and you can protect your Adsense account.


Will Adsense pay us money without clicking on the ads in the website?

Yes, Google Adsense will pay the website owner if a user comes to a website but doesn’t click on any of the ads. Because Google will pay you in 2 ways one is CPC(Cost per click) and another is CPM(Cost per mile) the first one we all know about that when we click on some ads the website owner will get money but in CPM Google will pay you for every 1000 visitors who come to your website and watch the ads.

If we visit our website 3-4 times, but do not click on the advertisement, can it cause any problem in the website?

No, there would be no problem if you do this but there can be a problem if you do this each and every time then google will know that you are purposely doing it to increase CPM, and then you can get ads limit in your ads account. So to prevent that use an AD blocker that will not show ads if no matter how many times you have visited your website.

What is the alternative ad platform for AdSense?

3.Propeller Ads.

There are multiple alternatives to Adsense but let me tell you that if you use those alternatives there are more requirements that are there on your website. And if you use those which don’t have any criteria then your website load speed will increase which is a bad signal for your website ranking.

How many Adsense accounts are valid for one person? 
Can an AdSense account be monetized from more than one website?

If you already have an Adsense account in a Gmail id then you can’t have another account on that same id so only an Adsense account can be associated with one person so what you can do is made an Adsense account with a different email id.

Can you click on ads in AdSense by yourself or with friends, if you do this then what will be the loss?

Yes, there will be a loss because Google can track your IP address and if you are the owner of the website and you are purposely clicking on ads then your Adsense account either gets suspended or will get ads limit.

Does Google Adsense Auto Ads Make Good Earning?

Yes, it can increase your earnings because google will place ads where the users were engaging more with your website. But somewhere Google Adsense auto ads will slow down your website or make your website structure or look different which can affect user satisfaction.

Is Adsense (Google AdSense) a fake website to earn money online?

No, it is the best genuine website to earn money online because it’s the easiest and best way to earn money from a website and there are plenty of options that can seem to be good but there are lots and lots of criteria.

In what cases will Google suspend my AdSense account, and how can I prevent this from happening?

There are 3 cases in which your google Adsense can be suspended:

1.Clicking on your own ads every time.
2.Illegal or invalid content on your website.
3.Bot traffic

Is it not easy to get approval of Google Adsense now?

No, it’s not like that there are websites which are there that were getting Adsense approval even they didn’t have a very basic or bad website.

You can’t predict that which website will get Adsense approval because some times very bad website get Adsense approval and some time very good website aren’t getting Adsense approval.


So, this is all for the question What we can do to stop invalid clicks in Google AdSense?

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