What Was YouTube Initial User Acquisition Strategy?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about What Was YouTube Initial User Acquisition Strategy?

Most of us were using Youtube maybe as a creator or as a viewer.

But do you know What Was YouTube Initial User Acquisition Strategy?

Because most of us only know when youtube had started growing but very few people are knowing the fact that how youtube had started and how they had tried to acquire customers.

So, in this article, we will tell you all about What Was YouTube Initial User Acquisition Strategy?

Let’s get started.

What Was YouTube Initial User Acquisition Strategy?

We have all were using youtube for a long time and for many of us it’s our career and we were earning money from it.

But do you know how youtube initially acquires customers for their website?

It was launched on December 15, 2005, where there was no existence of social media like now we have.

That means that acquiring customers on those days was very difficult because people don’t trust all these online websites and there’s not a lot much awareness about these things.

Here’s a look at how youtube look’s in its initial days.

Youtube in starting of 2005

Now, coming back to the question What Was YouTube Initial User Acquisition Strategy?

Here is the initial customer acquisition strategy used by youtube in order to acquire new customers or users for their websites:

1.Giving away Ipod for signups

There was a time when people aren’t using Youtube as much as now we were using it in the 21’st century.

So, the used marketing tactics which are ” Rewarding the users for using the platforms” in which whenever a user watch or upload videos they’re giving free Ipods to them.

Because at that time iPod was one of the revolutions that Apple had come up with in the music industry and everybody wants it that’s the reason why they have started giving for free if they signup on youtube.

What Was YouTube Initial User Acquisition Strategy?
Youtube Giving away iPods for signups

2.Giving money to female users

If you don’t know then let me tell you that youtube wasn’t a video sharing platform earlier it was made as a dating website where male members can find their partners.

And for that, they had given $20 to female members in order to come on youtube and make videos on youtube.

Because that was the time where people were mostly going to those websites who were dating websites.

Such that more male users will come on youtube but later on they had realised that people aren’t coming on youtube to find their partners they were coming to show their life.

Then the entire platform base has shifted from the dating platform to a video sharing platform.

After that, they had started getting more users because people want a platform to express themselves.

3.Different events to encourage people to come on youtube

After that, they had started organising different events on youtube such that more users will see those events and create videos on youtube.

Because back then the most important thing is to create a huge user base.

So, from all these different events and strategies to create content they were attracting a different group of people.

4. Monetisation

As we all knew that money is the greatest motivation for all of us and these tactics were used by youtube in a very effective manner.

So, in 2006 youtube first started paying to their creators and that’s bring the revolution.

But back then the monetisation wasn’t that much huge but they started monetisation which gives a sense of motivation to earn some amount of extra money from youtube.

This strategy works and now also most of the people who were now on youtube were creating content because they can monetise their passion and make a living from it.

So, these are the 4 tactics that were used by youtube to acquire initial customers or users in the initial days.


So, this is all about What Was YouTube Initial User Acquisition Strategy?

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