What Is Youtube Automatic Video Chapters? [New Update]


In today’s article on Youtube mini, we will be talking about What Is Youtube Automatic Video Chapters?

Earlier on youtube, we use to create a timestamp for our videos which we do manually by ourselves.

And it’s a very hectic process why?

Because we need to watch the entire video and then add timestamps to our video which is a very time taking process and very boring process.

But not anymore.

In this article, we will let you know that now you don’t have to add timestamps anymore and how youtube will do it for you.

So, let’s get started.

What Is Youtube Automatic Video Chapters?

Before knowing what is automatic video chapters you should know about what is timestamp?

The timestamp is a way through which you can tell your users or give them a time frame such that if a user wants to watch a specific path they can directly watch that part of the video which eventually make the user watch your video and not bounce back, whereas before if your videos were long and if a user wants a specific topic to watch they can’t and they left your video.

That’s why youtube introduces the timestamp feature.

And not only that timestamp also helps a video to rank on different keywords either on youtube or on google.

But the sad part is that if you have to make a timestamp then you need to watch the entire video and then make a timestamp for those videos.

Now, in the month of August 2021 Youtube had introduced Youtube automatic video chapters through which you need to just click on a box on your videos and youtube will automatically add timestamps for your videos if they were 10 minutes or longer.

So, now the question comes that How to add or on the automatic video chapter on youtube?

To add automatic video chapters on youtube for your videos you need to follow these simple steps:

1.Login to your youtube channel account and go to Youtube studio.

2.Click on the Edit video of your channel which you want to add automatic video chapters.

3.Then scroll down and there will be an option to show more click on it then you will see this option

Youtube Automatic Video Chapters

4. Check the automatic video chapters on youtube and you are done.

And if your videos were more than 10 minutes automatic video chapters or Timestamp will be added automatically.

Why Youtube had introduced automatic video chapters?

Because earlier users were bounced back from the long videos because they want to watch a specific part of that video in which they were interested in but because there are no timestamps they were not able to do that and not everybody adds timestamps in their videos.

So, that’s why youtube had introduced automatic video chapters such that if a user wants to see a specific part of the video then he can and in this way both youtube and the creator is getting benefited.


So, this is all for youtube automatic video chapters.

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