MORGZ: What is your honest opinion about the YouTuber Morgz?


In today’s article of Youtube mini, we will discuss MORGZ: What is your honest opinion about the YouTuber Morgz?

Most of us know Morgz from a very different perspective but in today’s article, we will tell you what’s the honest opinion about Youtuber Morgz.

So, let’s get started.

What is your honest opinion about the YouTuber Morgz

MORGZ: What is your honest opinion about the YouTuber Morgz?

When we see on Youtube about Morgz you will get to see his youtube channel appearing in the first position and when you go into his channel video you will get to know a lot more about him.

If you are a Mr beast fan then you can easily recognise that yes most of his videos were very similar to Mr beast because the videos of the same type of thumbnail even the same title with some extra letters.

For example:

This video of Slime which Mr Beast had created here got 32 Million views on Oct 10, 2018, and as you can see in the images below that after 14 days Morgz had uploaded the same type of videos with the exact same title that Mr beast had in his channel.

Not only he had copied Mr beast channel videos but almost all those videos were getting lot’s of views and it’s more of a clickbait because what we saw in videos of Mr beast is actually real but what Morgz or Morgan Hudson does is almost fake.

The money he shows in his videos isn’t the same as what he right in his title and thumbnail and the things he buys from malls or shops we didn’t even saw in his house.

And no matter he thinks that he’s creating engaging content but most of his content was almost copied and filled with a cringe because there was a difference between taking inspiration from a video and just copying it.

But the matter of fact is that this copying videos of other YouTubers and making clickbaity and cringe content had made him reach over 11.5 million subscribers on youtube.

And because all of his videos were getting views that’s why youtube even stops him from creating this type of content because users were engaging with his videos.

Morgz Real name Morgz hudson
Morgz Subscribers on Youtube 11.5 million subscribers
Morgz Age 20 years old (August 6, 2001)
Morgz Girfriend Name Kiera Bridget
Morgz channel type Pranks and vlogging
Morgz Instagram @Morgz
Morgz Tiktok @morgz
Morgz Income from youtube $4.4k- $63k (According to the social blade)
Morgz Mother name Jill Hudson

Now coming back to the main question MORGZ: What is your honest opinion about the YouTuber Morgz?

Morgz is the kid who knows that creating content which is similar to those YouTubers who were already very famous on youtube can get his videos attention easily and even most of the YouTubers talked about him and his clickbaity and cringe content helped him reached over 11.5 million YouTubers and earn $4k-$63k monthly from youtube which is a very good amount of money and even in this clickbaity and cringe content his mom is also involved and his mom has also created a youtube channel who’s is having 3.45 million subscribers on youtube and creating the same type of content which Morgz is creating. It’s more like Indian Gaurav zone who is creating clickbaity content and reached 3.97 million subscribers but the difference is that he didn’t create cringe content like morgz.


1.Why did Morgz and Kiera break up?

The reason behind Morgz and Kiera break up is very clear to all of us that after he had made a couple of videos with his girlfriend she got to know that Morgz is only using her for getting views and that’s the reason why they got broke up.

2.Who is Morgz new rumoured girlfriend?

The rumoured girlfriend of Morgz or Morgz hudson is : TamzinTaber

3.What is the merch of Morgz?

The merch of Morgz is : Morgz merchanidse

Currently they were not taking any orders.

4.How Morgz had started his youtube journey?

Morgz had started his journey on youtube as a gamer of youtube where he used to play Minecraft, call of duty and many more the name of his gaming channel is LegendarygamerHD.

And after he reached 500k subscribers he had revealed his mother Jill Hudson on his youtube channel.


So, this is all about MORGZ: What is your honest opinion about the YouTuber Morgz.

Tell me in the comment section about what do you think about Morgz and his youtube channel content and do you watch his content on youtube or not?

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