What is the meaning of “vom” in the YouTube comments section?


In today’s article on Youtube mini, we will discuss What is the meaning of vom in the YouTube comments section?

If you had a youtube channel like us Youtube Mini then you will know these types of comments in your youtube channel.

But those who are not aware after reading this article you will get to know about it.

So, let’s get started.

What is the meaning of Vom in the YouTube comments section? | vom.fyi meaning | von.fyi youtube comments

When you have just started on youtube and uploaded a couple of videos you will notice that some people will comment on your youtube video.

Like Vom.net, vom.in.net, vom.monster and many more types.

At that time you will think that the person who’s writing the comment is from another country and their language is different.

Like that it’s not what you think of.

So, coming back to the question What is the meaning of “Vom” in the YouTube comments section?

Vom in the youtube comment section is a spam link with a timestamp in it when you click on that comment you will be landed on any other spammy or illegal website. These individuals target those YouTubers who were new to youtube and try to drive traffic from that channel to their spammy and illegal website using different foreign id’s.

Whenever you got this type of comment simply delete it from your youtube comment section otherwise now the youtube algorithm is being smart that they delete this type of comment from the channel.

What is the meaning of Vom in the YouTube comments section?
This is proof of the type of comments you will get


Should I argue with people in YouTube’s comments section?

No, you shouldn’t argue with people in the youtube comments section because there is no meaning to argue with people who had already had a negative mindset because there are people who were only on youtube for making negative comments and they don’t have anything to do in life but if you are arguing with them then you are wasting your time on them which isn’t beneficial for you because you were there to enjoy watching your favourite creators video.

Not for doing an argue so let them do what they were doing not the creator nor the viewer get affected by it because they also know that there are people who will always do that.

Why does YouTube have a dislike button for the replies on comments?

Youtube has given the like and dislike button on youtube comments because they want every individual to have the right to speak and agree or disagree with someone opinion that’s the reason why they had given it.

You were thinking like that but the real reason behind youtube given the likes and dislikes button on comments is all based on human psychology and in the end, they want that a user will spend more and more time on their platform such that they can earn money.


So, this is all about What is the meaning of Vom in the YouTube comments section?

Did you have got these types of comments in your youtube channel then comment down below “YES”?

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