What is the marketing strategy of Mama Earth?

In Today’s article on Youtube Mini, We will be talking about What is the marketing strategy of Mama Earth?

We all know about the brand Mama earth and how heavily they were promoting their brand.

But do you know that What is the marketing strategy of Mama Earth?

Then in this article, we will give you the details of Mama earth marketing strategy.

So, let’s get started.

What is the marketing strategy of Mama Earth? | Mama Earth Marketing Stratgey

Most of us know Mama earth products from all the youtubers and social media influencers, Right?

Then the marketing strategy of Mama earth is Influencer marketing (mama earth influencer marketing) which means a person has a loyal audience who listen to that one person sincerely and there comes brands where they give money based upon a number of followers or how much influence they had and then those influencers promote these products and the more the brand got conversion from an influencer the more likely they will work with them next time.

So, that’s the marketing strategy of Mama earth now comes the proof because as you know on Youtube mini there’s nothing we talk about without proof.

Here are some proofs:

This ad we got from Facebook where Shanice Shrestha who is Mumbiker Nikhil wife is promoting mama earth products on his channel and they were running ads on that video on Facebook.

What is the marketing strategy of Mama Earth?

Now, when we talk about youtube Mama earth had its own separate channel (mama earth distribution channel) of their own where they had gathered all the videos from all the celebrities and influencers.

Here they were having videos of many different influences and celebs and mostly in celebrities they were working with Shilpa Shetty.

Who known as one of the fitness freaks or Yoga so here’s why mama earth approached them it’s about human psychology.

When you see the people who were already fit or famous and doing good in their industry what other common people use to think that if this person has succeeded using this product then we can also do the same.

And that’s the reason why you buy it and that’s the reason why big brands use to approach these big celebs and influencers.


So, this is all about What is the marketing strategy of Mama Earth?

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