What is the impact on the earning of the YouTubers in this lockdown?


In Today’s article on Youtube mini, we will be talking about What is the impact on the earning of the YouTubers in this lockdown?

We all wanted to know that what’s the impact on YouTubers earning in lockdown.

And because many people had lost their jobs during lockdown we all wanted to know to start a youtube channel to earning money.

But as a human tendency, we all wanted to know how much other YouTubers were earning in this lockdown such that if we start a youtube channel we can earn a good amount of money from youtube.

So, in this article, we will let to know all about it in detail with proof.

let’s get started.

What is the impact on the earning of the YouTubers in this lockdown?

Because of the pandemic, this digital boom had happened which made a lot of people careers and many people jumped into this digital era.

The Digital boom which will happen in the next upcoming 2-5 years had happened in just less than 1 year.

And youtube is one of the biggest players in this field where many creators got millions of subscribers and many had started and get viral in just a few days or months.

So, this question arises in many of us minds that what if we should start a youtube channel in this pandemic will it work or not.

And we want to know the income of those YouTubers who had become famous or gained a lot of subscribers on youtube.

Now, coming back to the question What is the impact of the earning of the YouTubers in this lockdown?

The impact of earning of the YouTubers in this lockdown is very amazing for those creators who create content on their home or in the office near to them but at the same time those creators who have to go out to create content have faced the problem of getting stuck because they were not adopting the change or not able to make any content but if we see overall the impact of lockdown on YouTubers is mostly positive.

Because things which were online were not going to stop and eventually it will grow which had happened.

Now coming to the proof:

1.Manoj Dey

Before lockdown, he had less than 1 million subscribers I think 7-8 lakh subscribers were there in his channel and the pandemic hits the world in January and in India, it is in March.

What is the impact of the earning of the YouTubers in this lockdown?

And in the month of May month, his channel subscribers got a huge spike and in July he had reached 1 million subscribers just because many people were searching for growing their channel on youtube.

Manoj dey subscribers

And they had found his channel.

Now, he’s earning more than 3 lakh rupees per month only from youtube which is the minimum income.

2.Sourav Joshi vlogs

This person has now become the most subscribed vlogger on youtube or you can say number 1 vlogger in youtube India.

And no one had known him earlier as a vlogger because he’s a sketch artist who shows his talent on his drawing youtube channel which is Sourav Joshi arts.

You won’t believe but this man had got a sudden growth in this lockdown he had started his channel on Feb 19th, 2019.

In only 2 years because of his interesting content and pandemic he had now 6.5 million subscribers.

As you can see that in 2019 when he started vlogging he is getting views and subscribers but not that much.

But when he enters in 2020 you can see the channel sudden growth.

sourav joshi subscribers

So, these are the proof of only 2 of the YouTubers on youtube who had got massive growth in their YouTube channel but there are more than that.

Which have gained more subscribers and views in this pandemic but at the same time they had worked hard for a long time and that’s the reason why they had gained that many subscribers.

Now, don’t think that you can’t do it because you don’t have a presence on social media so you can’t grow.

For that, I have a good and recent example for you.

We all know Focused Indian from Instagram who had started regional or mainly Marathi content on Instagram and gained a lot much popularity on social media.

And had collaborated with many youtubers as well as a famous personality.

Because of his amazing content, they all had grown on Instagram.

But because of that, they had started his youtube vlog channel a few months back and he had reached 70k subscribers on youtube.

focused indian

And in the recent vlogs, he had shown that he had started working with big creators like RVCJ media, Aashish chanchalani, Beyounick and many more.

So, don’t think too much that my content will work or not.

Maybe it will not or maybe it will but if you don’t put it on youtube it will never.


So, this is all for What is the impact of the earning on the YouTubers in this lockdown?

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