What is the difference between Podcasts and YouTube videos?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about What is the difference between Podcasts and YouTube videos?

We often listen to podcasts when we watch one or other videos on Youtube.

But we are kind of confused that what’s the difference between podcasts and youtube videos?

So, in this article, we will tell you all about What is the difference between Podcasts and YouTube videos?

Let’s get started.

What is the difference between Podcasts and YouTube videos?

When we heard about podcasts we think it’s similar to a youtube video but just the form is different but it’s more than that.

We will let you know each and everything by giving you different aspects about the difference between podcasts and youtube videos.


We all know that earning on youtube requires 4k hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers then also you are not getting the desired amount of money as you see in other YouTubers’ videos.

Because Youtube collects data about your audience and your videos that’s why once your youtube channel is getting older you will get more revenue.

So, on youtube you will get $1 for every 1000 views that’s an average may be some time it’s different.

But when you are getting monetized in a podcast the average amount of money you get for 1000 views is $18.

Not only that if you get downloads then also you will get more money than average.

But to earn money from Youtube through advertising isn’t that easy as you see in other YouTubers’ videos.


When we talk about youtube videos there are small videos as well as long videos but now in 2021 after youtube had introduced youtube shorts.

The average user attention span is drastically decreasing time over time so not many users were watching long videos on youtube and not every short video was getting the complete watch time.

Because the audience on youtube is coming to see either to seek any information or get entertained in a short period of time.

But when we talk about podcasts the audience were very different they want to know about a topic in detailed that’s why in podcasts the audience retention is very high as compared to youtube.

That’s the reason why the income is more as compared to youtube videos no matter if you are small or big.

Of course, you will earn more if you had a brand name or brand value but on youtube, you can’t earn that much as small creators.

3.Ease of use

When we talk about Youtube videos we have to sit to watch them completely and that’s the only way we can consume the content over youtube.

But what if you are driving and wanted to learn about something you can’t do when you are driving.

Now, in case if you are listening to the podcast there’s nothing like that if you are walking or driving or whatever you were doing you can consume your favorite type of content.

So, that can be a reason why podcasts can beat youtube after a period of time.

4.Content visibility

When you are making a video for youtube and uploading it on youtube you will only be limited to youtube or few times it can be on some websites or on google if your videos are optimized.

But other than youtube you can’t reach more different platforms.

In the case of the podcast if you produce a podcast let’s say a free platform like Anchor then you will not only be limited to Anchor it will be also available on Spotify, apple podcast, and many more.

So, in the podcast, your content will be more visible to as many people as possible.

Overall if you analyze all these 4 differences between a podcast and youtube videos you will see in the coming next 2-3 years people will be more likely to listen to a podcast rather than watching a video. But that doesn’t mean video doesn’t have any future it’s definitely having a feature but after a time there will 2 sets of audience one who loves watching the video and the other who love listening to podcasts.


What is a podcast on YouTube?

A podcast is an audio form of detailed content which is made on a specific topic in detail where as a podcast on youtube will be the same content but in a video format.

Should I start a podcast or a YouTube channel? If so, why?

You should start a youtube channel in the starting state if you are comfortable in making videos then just convert that video into audio then upload it on the podcast platform in this way you can be on both platforms.

But if you do the opposite you have to do some extra work to make an entire video from scratch.

Why are more YouTubers making podcasts recently?

Because people are slowly shifting to content that is in their ease that is podcast because in a podcast you can easily consume it anywhere at any place but in the case of youtube videos you have to sit and watch it otherwise you can’t consume content efficiently.

That’s the reason why more YouTubers were starting podcasting.

How should I decide whether to record a podcast or YouTube videos?

It’s simple, you have to look into yourself that in which things are you comfortable for if you are good at making videos and showing your face then you should make videos, or if you are shy in making videos then you should make podcasts.


So, this is all for the question What is the difference between Podcasts and YouTube videos?

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