What is the best way to ask people to subscribe on YouTube?


In today’s article on youtube mini, we will be discussing the topic of What is the best way to ask people to subscribe on YouTube?

Most of the upcoming youtubers or existing youtubers wanted to know that how to make people subscribe to their youtube channel.

Because they were making good videos and getting a decent amount of views but very few people will subscribe to them.

In this article, we will let you know that the simple strategy that will make people subscribe to your youtube channel.

So, let’s get started.

What is the best way to ask people to subscribe on YouTube?

If you are constantly making videos on youtube and you are getting a decent amount of views but not getting subscribers.

Then you are just making these mistakes which will make your audience not to subscribe your channel.

1.Clear that what’s your channel main content

The main reason why most of the people were not subscribing to your channel is that you are just making videos on any topic. Most of the new YouTubers make the mistake that they were making videos on any topic but that makes the youtube algorithms to don’t understand what your channel is all about.

And when the youtube algorithm doesn’t understand what your channel is all about then youtube will never show your videos to anyone.

I am not saying that don’t upload videos on a broad topic but in the initial stage you need to narrow down your audience rather than making videos on a broad topic and once you got a decent amount of subscribers then you can make videos on broad topics.

Now moving towards the next reason why you are not getting subscribers.

2.Tell your viewers what they will get

Let’s understand this concept from an example let’s say that you are buying a product and you didn’t know what it will gonna do for you would you buy it for any reason?

No, then it’s also the same for your youtube videos in the starting when you didn’t tell your viewers that what you will get if you subscribe to this channel then nobody will subscribe to you.

For example: Subscribe to this channel if you want to grow on youtube or know secrets to grow on youtube.

Then you had given a reason to your audience to subscribe to your channel.

If you make these simple changes in your channel then you will start getting more subscribers than usual.


Is it a correct sentence? “Please like and subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon to get new video updates.”

No, don’t please the audience to subscribe to your channel or like your videos because it will be only one time. Let’s say you said that Please like and subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon to get new video updates and some people subscribed to your channel but do you think they will watch your videos when you upload a new video. No, because you haven’t given them any reason to subscribe to your channel you just pleased them.

What is the most respectful way to ask people to Subscribe to your YouTube channel regardless of whether or not they are interested in your video subject?

The most effective way that you can make someone subscribe to your channel is either to give them so much value that they will automatically subscribe to your channel thinking that they will learn a lot from you or give them a reason that why they should subscribe to your channel.

Why do YouTubers say “Subscribe to my channel”?

Because on youtube the more the number of subscribers you will get the probability or chances will increase that your videos will be shown to many peoples and not only that to start earning money from youtube you have to have 1k subscribers and 4k hours of watch time so the more the no of people subscribe to your channel the more your chances to complete the milestone fast.

Should the YouTube video ask for a like and subscribe after the video is over?

Yes, you can do that but what if your audience isn’t watching your videos till the end then saying to like and subscribe to your video will be less effective so it depends upon various channels so what you can do is go to your analytics see how much your audience were watching your videos if they watch your videos till the last then this method will effective if not then you can pitch them at very start of the video.


So, this is for all What is the best way to ask people to subscribe on YouTube?

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