What is more important making videos on YouTube or video promotion?

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about What is more important making videos on YouTube or video promotion?

Most of the creators focus on just creating on content but they never focus on promoting it.

In this article we will let you know that What is more important making videos on YouTube or video promotion?

So, let’s get started.

What is more important making videos on YouTube or video promotion?

If you are a content creator and just creating content for your youtube channel then you need to know that promoting a video is more important than creating a video.

For example:

Let’s say if you are company and your product is your content and you are just producing it heavily for the users.

But what if the users didn’t know about it?

Then do you think users will buy your product?

No, definitely they will not buy it because there’s a human psychology that if a user don’t know about something they will not purchase it.

So same with the content do you why all people want to watch big youtubers or creators videos because they were already known to people.

And they always promote their content not only youtube but also on many other places like instagram, facebook, twitter and many more.

Becuase if they are not seen in many places people will not watch their content.

That’s the reason why many small youtubers create content on big youtubers to drive attention to their content.

Now, coming back to the question What is more important making videos on YouTube or video promotion?

Both Making videos and video promotion is very important because if you are not creating good content then also user will not watch it and if you don’t promote your videos then no matter how good your content is no body will see it and your content will be disappeared in youtube ocean. Both were equally important and without one of them, another can’t be done.


What is the best way to promote YouTube videos in 2021?

The best way to promote Youtube videos in 2021-2022 is Youtube shorts because now users were more likely to watch short videos and that’s the only reason why youtube is promoting short videos which were less than 60 seconds.

We have written a detailed guide on Youtube shorts.

Is it necessary to promote videos on YouTube?

Yes, it is necessary to promote videos on youtube in 2021 because if you are just starting on youtube not many people know about you and your channel.

Earlier there wasn’t a lot of videos on youtube that’s why if you create OK content then also you can rank on many keywords but now there are millions of creators on the same topic so if you don’t promote your videos on other platforms then there are no chances that your videos will get views.

Does YouTube promote videos?

Yes, Youtube promotes your videos but there are conditions which your video should fulfil first.

1.If your videos on youtube can’t able to hold the users on youtube platform then youtube will not promote your videos.
2.If your videos thumbnail and title were not good then users will not click on it and then also youtube will not promote it.

At the end youtube wants to make revenue and that can only happen when a user will stay long in youtube then only youtube can show them ads and make money and if your videos can hold the users to watch the entire video then youtube will suggest your videos to other users as well.

Or if your videos got lot’s of likes and engagement then also youtube will promote your videos.

What are the best practices to promote youtube videos?

The best practices to promote youtube videos were :

1.Make videos on already famous content creators or big youtubers.
2.Do collaboration as much as you can.
3.Make videos on trending topics.
4.Make content on what users want in your niche.

How do you promote YouTube videos via related videos of other channels, when you have a brand new channel?

To do this you need to analyse the competitor content:

1.Analyse what type of tags, title and description or hashtags they were using.

Because youtube algorithm understand your video from these metrics and suggest your videos which are relevant to the your videos.

So, if you use similar type of tags, hashtags and description or keywords there are more chances that your video will get suggested under other videos which you want to appear on.


So, this is all for What is more important making videos on YouTube or video promotion?

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