What do you think about YouTuber Saket Gokhale?

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In today’s article on Youtube mini we will discuss the topic What do you think about YouTuber Saket Gokhale?

Many of got to know about Youtuber Saket Gokhale these days.

And somewhere feel connected to his fitness journey because he shows those tips which a normal person can apply in his life.

But many of us wanted to know more about Saket Gokhale Youtuber.

So, in this article, you will get to know a lot more about Youtuber Saket Gokhale.

Let’s get started.

What do you think about YouTuber Saket Gokhale?

Many new YouTubers had come to youtube in this lockdown and made their entire career in this lockdown and one of them is Saket Gokhale.

What do you think about YouTuber Saket Gokhale?

Because as we see in his youtube channel about section he had started his youtube journey in 2019 and when he started he wasn’t that consistent.

But when the lockdown hits In India he became more consistent in his youtube journey and now in 2021, he had gained more than 700k subscribers.

Name of the YouTuberSaket Manghesh Gokhale
Channel NameSaket Gokhale
Started inAug 30, 2019
Subscribers730k subscribers
Started in August 30, 2019
Age (Saket Gokhale Age) | (Saket Gokhale birthday)20 years (3 December 2000)
Height (Saket Gokhale height)5 Feet 9 inches
Girlfriend (Saket Gokhale Girlfriend)Not yet disclosed
Content-TypeFitness and lifestyle
Lives inPune, Maharashtra
Email Addresssaketgokhale00@gmail.com
Youtube Income (Saket Gokhale income)$787 – $12.6k (Minimum 50 k INR)
Instagram Saket Gokhale Instagram
FacebookSaket Gokhale facebook

What was the reason for Saket Gokhale success? (Saket Gokhale bodybuilding)

The reason behind Saket Gokhale success on youtube is his new style of fitness vlogging because most of the fitness YouTubers were only doing fitness videos and nothing new was there.

But Saket brings something new on youtube.

And not only that he also had a down to earn attitude which is seen in his vlogs with his friends and family and with that he shows that how you can do bodybuilding like each and another middle-class boy.

That’s the reason why he succeeds on Youtube and collaborated with famous fitness youtubers.

How much does Saket Gokhale earn? (Saket gokhale income)

According to the social blade, the Saket Gokhale per month income from youtube is $787 which is approximately 50k INR.

But there are some brand deals which he does on his Instagram so from there also he was earning a good amount of money.

Who is Saket Gokhale childhood friend?

Saket Gokhale childhood friend is Aryan Khanna who is also become a Famous youtube nowadays and the fun he adds to his vlogs were amazing.

Aryan Khanna is the one who introduced Saket to bodybuilding.

What Saket Gokhale Loves to drink often?

Saket Gokhale loves to Drink coffee any time whether it’s pre-workout or in general.

Which Camera does Saket Gokhale use?

Earlier he was using his mobile phone to shoot the entire video or vlog and when he started getting a good amount of money from Youtube he had purchased Sony Zv 1, Sony A600.

What are the things that he purchased from Youtube money?

Things that Saket Gokhale had purchased with his Youtube money were:

  • Apple Iphone
  • Macbook
  • Sony cameras
  • Home Gym Setup

What is Saket Gokhale education?

Saket Gokhale is Pursuing his BSC specializing in Chemistry and he loves to learn the Japanese language.

How much does a YouTuber with 700k subscribers make?

Now he’s able to buy iPhones 10 and 12 which easily means that he’s easily making more than 1 lakh rupees per month from his youtube channel.

Who is Aryan Khanna YouTuber?

Aryan Khanna youtube is one of the best friends and childhood friends of Saket Gokhale they were friends since childhood and Aryan is the one who had encouraged Saket to start his fitness journey. And now Aryan Khanna is also a YouTuber with 212k subscribers.


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