What Are Impressions On Youtube?

Does your youtube videos aren’t getting views? And when you check on your youtube analytics you are getting impressions of your videos but no views.

Then you might be thinking that what are impressions on youtube?

And wondering that what is the relation between youtube impressions and views?

In this article, we will tell you all about What Are Impressions On Youtube in detail.

So, let’s get started.

What Are Impressions On Youtube?

Impressions On Youtube means that how many times your video thumbnails were shown to the viewers in which it includes impression on youtube only, not in external websites or apps.

Let understand from an example:

Whenever you upload a youtube video on youtube it sends some impression to the target viewers according to your Metadata and that’s where you get impressions on your videos.

And whenever a viewer view your thumbnails after the video is being sent to them that is called impressions on youtube.

What Are Impressions On Youtube?

As you can see that this video is having 4 impressions on youtube and 4 views which means that youtube had sent the videos to 4 people and from those 4 people all have watched the video.

LowLowLowPoor title, thumbnail and poor hook.
LowHigh impression High viewsGood and engaging content (Broad audience)
HighLowfewer viewsGood thumbnail but not engaging content (Specific audience)
High HighHighThe best video, thumbnail and title

What is the impression click-through rate?

Impressions click-through rate is the number of clicks the video gets divided by the number of times the video thumbnail is shown to the viewers.

What Are Impressions On Youtube?

As you can see in this video analytics that the video had got 2500 impressions on youtube and the impression click-through rate is 11.5% which is quite high.

The more the impression click-through rate on youtube the more there are chances that you will get views on youtube because it gives youtube a signal that people are showing interest in this video.

How to increase impressions on youtube?

To increase impressions on youtube here are the things which you need to fix:

1. The only thing which will make your impression click-through rate and impressions is how good are your thumbnail and title is.

The better you make your thumbnail the more the chances that you will get more views and impressions.

2. Another thing is that who is your target audience for which you are making the video because if you are focusing on a broad audience then there are fewer chances that your content will resonate with people.

So, before making any type of content make sure that you have defined that this content is for these types of people.

3. Analyse your audience retention graphs which shows that when your audience is leaving your video and what are the patterns and which part of your video where your audience is watching more of your videos.

What are high impressions low clicks youtube?

High impressions and low clicks on youtube mean that your youtube video thumbnail isn’t good enough to hook people or make them click on your video whenever they were shown your video on youtube.

If you are getting more impressions in spite of having low CTR then your video content is good and that’s the only reason why youtube is sending more impressions to viewers because they were engaging with your content.

Is a 7.6% click-through rate good for YouTube?

Yes, having a 7.6% CTR is a good click-through rate on youtube but if you have less than 5% CTR then it’s time to better or improve your thumbnails on youtube.

What is considered to be a high and a low YouTube video impressions click-through rate?

If your youtube video is getting less than 5% CTR then it can be considered as a low impression click-through rate and if your video is getting more than 5% of CTR then it’s considered to be a good impression click-through rate.

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