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In today’s article on Youtube mini, we will discuss the topic of who is unboxing dude on youtube?

Most of the viewers wanted to know about the Unboxing dude youtube channel.

But due to lack of information in search but don’t worry in this article we will let you know each and everything about unboxing dude.

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Unboxing Dude

Youtube channel name Unboxing Dude
Instagram ID salih_k_t
Age (unboxing dude age) 19
Youtube income (salary of unboxing dude) (unboxing dude salary) $7.6k (According to the social blade)
The real name of unboxing dude (unboxing dude real name) Sahil
Education 12th grade
Lives in (unboxing dude location) Kerela
Subscribers 3.09 million
Unboxing dude Wikipedia Currently, he hasn’t any Wikipedia page
Phone Number 9778336253

Who is unboxing dude?

Unboxing Dude

Unboxing Dude is a youtube channel owned by Sahil who makes videos in the Malayalam language which is having more than 3.9 million subscribers. He makes videos with his sister Sahila around his lifestyle and tech. And they were considered as one of the famous and big YouTubers in Kerela.

What is the relationship between Unboxing dude’s and Dudy?

The relationship between them is Brother and sister.

What’s the real name of unboxing dude and dudy? | Unboxing dude sister name

The real name of the Unboxing dude’s is Sahil and his sister Dudy real name is Saliha.

Where does the Unboxing dude lives?

Unboxing dude’s lives in Kochi Kerela.

Which is the first video of unboxing dude? | unboxing dude first video

The first video is this :

What’s the real age of Sahil and Sahila in Unboxing dude?

The real age of Sahil is 19 and (unboxing dude saliha age) Sahila is 16 as of 2020.

When do they start youtube?

They had started youtube on November 9, 2017.

What’s the per month youtube income of unboxing dude?

The per month income of Unboxing dude’s from youtube is $7.6k approx (More than 5.5 lakhs INR).


So, this is all about Unboxing dude and his lifestyle.

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