Trakin Tech | Biography | Income | Real Name


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Trakin Tech | Biography | Income | Real Name

Youtube channel name Trakin Tech
Subscribers 10 million subscribers
Started in Nov 2, 2011
Real Name (Trakin Tech name) Arun Prabhudesai
Lives in Pune, Maharashtra
Youtube Income $17.1K  –  $273.2K per month (According to the social blade) (12 lakh rupees per month minimum)
Instagram Trakin Tech Instagram
Facebook Trakin Tech Facebook
Linkedin Trakin Tech Linkedin
Twitter Trakin Tech Twitter

Who is Trakin Tech?

Trakin Tech aka Arun Prabhudesai is a famous YouTuber, blogger and entrepreneur who is having 10 million subscribers on youtube and running multiple companies over one roof.

He had started his journey of Trakin tech when he was in the US and suddenly an idea strikes in his mind and then he left his job in the US which is a high paying job there to start Trakin tech in 2007.

It was a time when youtube wasn’t popular that time and the Jio revolution hadn’t happened.

Most of his family members were worried that why he’s living such a high paying job and starting his own company but he had decided in his mind and he started his company.

The parent company under which all the other child company of Arun Prabhudesai runs is Armoks Interactive.

Armoks Interactive is one of India’s leading media companies and a production house of more than 1 crore subscribers under it.

What is the official Trakin Tech website? (Trakin Tech website)

The official Trakin Tech website is

How many channels does Trakin Tech have?

There are many channels of Trakin Tech which are:

  • Trakin Tech
  • Trakin Shorts 
  • Trakin Tech English
  • Trakin Auto
  • Trakin Ke Funde
  • TKF Shorts

Which is the main company of Trakin Tech?

The main company of Trakin tech is Armoks Interactive under which all other child companies were running.

How to contact Trakin Tech?

To contact Trakin Tech you can write an email to – [email protected]

How much Trakin Tech (Arun Prabhudesai) earns from one unboxing video?

As on average a YouTuber which is having more than a million subscribers on youtube who’s running a tech channel were earning 30 Lakhs rupees for one mobile unboxing.


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