What is the TG Shorts YouTube channel? (#TGshorts)

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TG Shorts

What is the TG shorts youtube channel?

TG shorts is another youtube channel of Technical guruji aka Gaurav Chaudhry who is India’s number 1 tech YouTuber.

In his previous video on his second channel who’s name is Gaurav Chaudhry which is a vlogging channel.

He had announced to give an iPhone worth Rs.1 crore which is custom made by Caviar in which the phone has engraved with Diamonds and Gold.

That’s the reason it’s worth in crores.

And one of his viewers will get this iPhone and technical guru Ji will personally deliver it to the viewer.

TG shorts is 3rd channel of Youtuber Gaurav Chaudhry.

If you don’t know then let me tell you that Technical Guruji is one of those creators who upload 2 videos per day on his main channel.

And not only that he also managed to travel to a lot of places and that’s why he had a vlogging channel.

Now, he had opened a new channel named TG shorts where he will be sharing knowledge that is valuable to his audience.

In just 1 day he got more than 2 lakh subscribers on his channel.

How many channels does Gaurav Chaudhry had in 2021?

In 2021 Gaurav Chaudhry (Technical Guru Ji) had 3 channels on youtube.

Gaurav Chaudhry Youtube channels in 2021
1. Technical Guruji: 21 million subscribers
2.Gaurav Chaudhry (vlogging) : 4.83 million subscribers
3. TG shorts (tg shorts youtube channel): 261k subscribers

What does TG shorts mean?

TG shorts means Technical Guru Ji Shorts youtube channel where technical guru Ji shares technology-related knowledge in the form of a short video.


How much does technical guruji earn from youtube?

Technical guruji earns $8.8K – $140.9K per month only from youtube.


So, this is all about the TG shorts youtube channel.

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