Teckmart | Who Is Teckmart Influencers? | Income | Real Name


In today’s article, on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Teckmart | Who Is Teckmart Influencers? | Income | Real Name

Most of you didn’t know about him but people had started knowing him because of his work and the help he provide to his audience.

So, in this article, we will tell you all about Teckmart | Who Is Teckmart Influencers? | Income | Real Name.

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Teckmart | Who Is Teckmart Influencers? | Income | Real Name

Youtube channel name Teckmart Influencers
Subscribers 71.7k subscribers
Started in Jan 28, 2012
Real Name Rajat Gupta
Youtube income $37- $589 (According to the social blade) but according to his income on his videos it was around $300-$400 per month from youtube
Instagram Teckmart influencers Instagram
Facebook Teckmart influencers Facebook
Telegram Teckmart influencers Telegram
Email id [email protected]

Who are Teckmart influencers?

Teckmart influencer is a youtube channel owned by Rajat Gupta who is a trained digital marketer who is having more than 7 years of experience in the field of digital marketing and he also owns a digital marketing agency in Delhi.

Currently, Teckmart influencers had more than 70k subscribers on youtube and providing help to people who want to make money online.

How many public blogs and websites he had?

Teckmart influencers own 3 public blogs:

  • Teckmart.com (It’s a multi niche website in which multiple niche content were there)
  • Teckgaming.com (It’s a whole gamig base niche)
  • Tecknote.com (It’s a website like medium.com where user can write their content and earn money from it)

What are the course that Teckmart influencers offer?

The course that Teckmart influencers offer were:

  • Google AdSense Basic Hindi Beginners Course
  • Website Designing Basic Hindi Tutorial Beginners Course
  • Amazon Affiliates Basic Hindi Tutorial Beginners Course

Are the courses of Teckmart influencers were effective?

Yes, the course which he offers is full of value i personally purchased the course of Teckmart influencer google Adsense course and it’s effective and will work for anyone if you delicately work with that method and you will definitely start earning.

What’s the unique strategy used by the Teckmart influencers to earn money from google adsense? | Teckmart adsense | Teckmart influencer google adsense

The unique strategy that Teckmart influencers follow in order to earn more money with less traffic is:

  • Produce content on those content which is US based and having high CPC but low search volume this will make you ealiy rank on those keywords.

What’s Teckmart branding?

Teckmart branding method says that when you open a website you need to brand your website on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube such that when people know your website they will come to your website and you started earning money.

How Teckmart content was written?

Teckmart content was mostly written with the help of content writers who were hired from many different freelancing websites and he had also some in-house content writers.

What’re the Teckmart influencers youtube shorts technique?

The Teckmart influencers youtube shorts technique says:

  • First decide which niche you want to make shorts in.
  • Then go to free royalty based videos wesbite where you can get free videos.
  • And then edit those videos promoting your videos in a simple way and promote your affiliate products.

What’s the keyword Research Teckmart method?

The keyword research Teckmart method is : Go for high CPC low search volume keywords through which you can earn more money with less amount of traffic.

Which theme does Teckmart use for amazon affiliates?

The theme that Teckmart use for Amazon Affiliate use is: Woocommerce and Woozone


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