Techtutorials | Who is TechTutorials?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Techtutorials | Who is TechTutorials?

We all wanted to know who’s behind the tech tutorials channel but because there’s no specific detailed information about it.

But in this article, you will get to know many things about Techtutorials.

Let’s get started.

Techtutorials | Who is TechTutorials?

Techtutorials | Who is TechTutorials?
Youtube channel name Tech tutorials
Subscribers 12.8k subscribers
Started in Feb 20, 2015
Owner name Chirantan Roy
Age 28 years old
Youtube income $6 – $94 (not active for 4 years)
Facebook Tech Tutorials facebook
Instagram Tech Tutorials Instagram

Who is tech tutorials?

TechTutorials youtube channel is a tutorial-based channel where he teaches about how to’s and tutorials about technology.

The owner of the channel is Chirantan Roy. He had completed his Engineering in Computer science.

The last video he had uploaded to his channel is 4 years ago.

What are the other channels that Tech tutorials have?

There are 2 channels that are owned by the Techtutorial owner Chirantan Roy :


Youtube channel name KhilliBuzzChiru
Started in March 27, 2017
Subscribers 697k subscribers
Youtube income $147- 2.4k monthly (According to the social blade)
Niche Entertainment

2.KhilliBuzzChiru Vlogs

Youtube channel name KhilliBuzzChiru Vlogs
Started in Feb 14, 2020
Subscribers 145k Subscribers
Youtube Income $339-$5.4k
Niche Vlogging

Why Techtutorials had stopped putting videos on his channel?

When he had started his tech tutorial channel he was in college and maybe because of the college work he can’t able to make videos on his channel.

But after that graduating from college in 2016 he had started another channel on youtube which is KhilliBuzzChiru which is now having 697k subscribers.

Maybe his interest had changed from technology to entertainment that’s why tech tutorials are having 12.8k subscribers and KhilliBuzzChiru is having 697k subscribers.


So, this is all for Techtutorials | Who is TechTutorials?

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