Techno Vedant | Biography | Income | Real Name


In Today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Techno Vedant | Biography | Income | Real Name.

Wanted to learn about ways to make money online then this channel can help you to get many ways to earn money online.

So, in this article, we will give you all the details such that you will also get to know about ways to earn money online.

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Techno Vedant | Biography | Income | Real Name

Youtube channel name Techno Vedant
Subscribers 269k Subscribers
Started in Mar 13, 2017
Real Name Vedant Malhotra
Age ( Techno Vedant Age) 30 years old (23 May 1991)
Lives in New Delhi
Email address [email protected]
Youtube Income $178  –  $2.8K per month (According to the social blade)
Instagram Techno Vedant Instagram
Facebook Techno Vedant Facebook
Linkedin Techno Vedant Linkedin

Who is Techno Vedant?

Techno Vedant aka Vedant Malhotra is a YouTuber who runs a youtube channel in which he mostly uploads videos about making money online, Blogging and Affiliate marketing.

He will tell you many solutions if you are having some blogging related queries and issues.

Not only that he also provides many courses as well as free themes in his websites which you can download and use it on your blogging journey.

Which is the official website of Techno Vedant?

The official website of Techno Vedant is:

What is Techno Vedant Blogger template?

Techno Vedant blogger templates are the free and premium template which he provides in his free blogger template through which you can start blogging for free in blogger and start making money online.

To get those free blogger templates to go through this link.

What is Techno Vedant free unique article generator?

It’s a way through which Techno Vedant told us where you need to just signup in the website and you can write a free unique article for free.


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