Who is Suzy Lu on YouTube?


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Suzy Lu
Suzy Lu
Youtube channel name (Suzy lu youtube) Suzy Lu
Subscribers 444k subscribers
Other channels Suzy Lu gameplay
Started in Apr 6, 2013
Website (Suzy lu website) https://www.suzylu.co.uk/
Husband or boyfriend Steejo
Instagram (Suzy lu Instagram) Suzy lu Instagram
Facebook (Suzy lu facebook) Suzy lu facebook
Twitter (Suzy lu Twitter) Suzy lu twitter
Country United kingdom
Income $945-15.1k per month (According to the social blade)

Who is Suzy Lu on YouTube?

Suzy lu is a content creator on youtube who creates content on Naruto and other anime cartoon series and gives a reaction on his channel. Other than that she had one other channel where he plays games in her main channel which is his reaction channel she had 420k subscribers and on the gameplay channel, she had around 13.3k subscribers. But there lot more which you need to know when comes to Suzy lu.

She is a big fan of Naruto I know you guys were also huge fans of Naruto let me know by typing YES in the comment box below.

Not only that his husband is also having a youtube channel where he also gives reactions to anime cartoon series and he also does gameplay.

According to many videos which we had found on youtube many YouTubers claimed that when they say anything against Suzy lu the videos will be got copyright issues or the videos were deleted by youtube.

Which is Suzy Lu website?

The website of Suzy Lu is : https://www.suzylu.co.uk/

What is the Instagram id of Suzy lu?

The Instagram id of Suzy Lu is : Suzyluofficial

She had 41.4k followers on Instagram.

What is the Twitter id of Suzzy lu?

The twitter id of Suzy lu is:SuzyLuOfficial

She had more than 3k followers on Twitter.

In which country does Suzy lu lives?

Suzy lu lives in the United Kingdom.

Is suzzy lu married?

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Suzy Lu (@suzyluofficial)

In the above image from Instagram shows that they are seen to be married but it wasn’t confirmed yet clearly.

What is the name of suzy lu husband?

The name of Suzy lu husband or boyfriend is Steejo.

How much Suzy lu earn from youtube?

The money that she earns from youtube from his main reaction channel is around: $945 – $15.1k monthly

Suzy Lu


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