[Real Or Fraud]Make Money Online With Student Earn Cash?

Student Earn Cash

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Is Student Earn Cash A Legit Way To Earn Money?

In this age of the internet, we all want to earn cash and live our own life or wanted to earn money online such that as a student we can have some money in our pocket for some expenses.

But looking for earning money online is like a needle in the sand because most of the website isn’t legit very few are there who were paying money to students.

So, in this article, we have come up with another earn money online website named Studentsearncash.co which helps students make money online.

Let’s find out how legit the website really is.

[Real Or Fraud] Make Money Online With Student Earn Cash?

Website nameStudentsearncash.co
Started in 2020-10-01
Offering Surveys and make money online opportunities
RegisteredNot registered
OwnerNot known
Contact Number+1 503-714-5967
InstagramStudent Earn Cash Instagram
FacebookStudent Earn Cash Facebook

What is Student Earn Cash?

Student Earn Cash is an online make money online niche website that provides make money online opportunities to students who want to earn some extra cash. They pay you on the basis of how many surveys you do for many origination tied up with and also there’s an affiliate or refer and earn program where you can earn $15 when you invite a friend and get a $50 bonus on joining.

Student Earn Cash

It’s basically a website that is tied up with different companies who want to increase their views or want people to use their product or services or make their videos to get views and the companies pay some cuts to the users for that.

It was mentioned on the website is that the headquarter is in El Segundo, California.

The website is less than 1 year old and they had shown that they had paid $453,673,928 in cash which isn’t possible for even big websites that were popular and old.

Are the students Earn cash payment proof real?

Earlier we had reviewed another make money online website where they had several these types of proofs where they had put lots of Instagram screenshots where people had made hundreds of dollars from the website but hidden the name of all the people.

It can be easily made by any designer.

As you can see here you can easily identify that all proofs were fake.

Are students Earn cash legit website to make money online for students?

We can’t able to identify that because the website had been shut down.

Did the Student Earn Cash website is featured on big websites?

When you go to the website you will get to know that the website is being featured in some famous website but that’s not the truth and not many people check it.

So, when we checked on these websites which are mentioned above we got to find these results.

Buzzfeed results
Savethestudent website results

Is Student Earn Cash A Legit Way To Earn Money?

After looking at all the proofs and analysing the website it totally seems that the website isn’t legit at all it’s a scammy website.

If it isn’t scammy then it won’t be shut down in just 1 year.


So, this is all for the [Real Or Fraud]Make Money Online With Student Earn Cash?

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