▷ Storiesdown: Download & View Instagram Story For [FREE]

If you also want to view or download someone’s story but don’t want to let the other person won’t know that you have seen their stories?

Then you might have searched for the tool through which you can do that anonymously.

In this article, we will tell you the best resource where you can do that for free without getting logged in to your Instagram account.

So, let’s get started.

▷ Storiesdown: Download & View Instagram Story For FREE

WebsiteStoriesdown (LINK)
Started in2020-02-13
Content-Type View & download Instagram stories for free
OwnerNot known
APKStoriesdown APK
Traffic7.70 Million per month (According to the social blade)

What is Storiesdown?

Storiesdown is an Instagram related tool where you can watch anyone’s stories or download the stories anonymously without login to your Instagram account.

With this tool, you can easily download anyone’s Instagram story without knowing the other person.

But let me tell you that if you are downloading or viewing someone’s story then the account should be public, not private because this website uses Instagram API through which they fetch the data and that’s why you can’t get access to private accounts’ stories.

How to view and download Instagram stories from stories down?

To view and download the Instagram stories from stories down follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website of the stories down which is: https://storiesdown.com/

Step 2: Then copy the username of the Instagram account that you want to download or view the story.

Step 3: Paste the user name and click on the search button.

Step 4: Click on the download button and your stories will be automatically downloaded.

And you will get all the stories to download or view for free. (But the account should be public, not private)

Is there any app for storiesdown?

No, there’s no app for storiesdown because they are only providing the service in the app.

How does the stories down website works?

All these Instagram video downloaders or Instagram story downloader or Instagram reels downloader or any other downloader works with Instagram API where they fetch the data through Instagram API and then show it on their website and that’s who these types of websites are works.

How much traffic does the storiesdown website gets?

According to the social blade extension, the storiesdown website gets per month is: 7.70 million per month

What is the active or the live link of stories down?

The active or the live link of the stories down is: https://storiesdown.com/

What are the income sources of the storiesdown?

The income sources of the storiesdown website is:

  • Google adsense ads

What are the features of the storiesdown?

The features of the storiesdown website were:

  • Easy to view any stories of Instagram
  • Easy to download the stories of Instagram
  • No spammy ads or popup ads

What had made stories down the website so popular?

There was a time when people were locked in their homes and they don’t have anything to do and that’s when all the social media platforms have were shot up and all these downloaders’ demands went up because people wanted to download lots of things of either of their favourite celebrity or some funny kinds of stuff and that’s why stories down website become popoular.

What are the top searched keywords in storiesdown?

The top searched keywords in storiesdown were:

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Is it safe to use the stories down to download stories?

Yes, it is safe to use stories down because the website isn’t using spammy ads and popups that will make your computer or mobile phone slow or inject viruses that can be harmful to you.

Is storiesdown website legal or illegal?

No, it isn’t illegal stories viewer or downloading website and if it’s being illegal it has been shut down multiple times by Instagram itself.

What are the other alternatives of Stories down? (Stories down alternatives)

The other alternatives of the website of the stories down:

Disclaimer: Piracy is illegal and a punishable offence. The purpose of this article is to provide information to you only. It is not our intention to encourage or promote Piracy and Illegal activities in any way.


If you download stories from storiesdown will you go to jail?

No, there is no such rules that downloading & viewing stories from storiesdown website will get you to jail


So, this is all for ▷ Storiesdown: Download & View Instagram Story For FREE.

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