Star Gyan | Biography | Income | Real Name | Networth


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Star Gyan | Biography | Income | Real Name | Networth.

We all want to earn money online but how many of us make money online very few of us make money online successfully.

But still, if you want to make money online in a big chunk then you need to follow this guy who had made more than 20-25 lakhs rupees in a month online.

If you also want to know the story of this boy then you should read this article.

Star Gyan | Biography | Income | Real Name | Networth

Youtube channel name Star Gyan
Subscribers 175k subscribers on youtube
Started in Jun 20, 2019
Real Name Sumit
Lives in Petwar, Haryana
Networth More than 1 crore a year
Youtube income $149 -$2.4k per month (According to the social blade)
Instagram Star Gyan Instagram
Twitter Star Gyan Twitter

Who is Star Gyan?

Star Gyan is a youtube channel where you will get the information of different kinds of loans in a simple language and the channel Star Gyan has more than 175k subscribers on youtube. The owner of the Star Gyan channel Sumit is 5 times the national gold medalist in karate, He’s an entrepreneur and blogger as well.

He had started his journey by selling ” Gollgapee” because he didn’t know anything about online then so he started selling it part-time for 5 years.

From his earnings, he bought a phone worth Rs.5000 and then he started searching for what’s happening online how can we earn money online.

Then with his smartphone, he got to know that he can earn money from youtube then he started his first youtube channel who’s name is Shining star.

So he spent 3 years making channels and failing in them because of a lack of knowledge.

Then in 2019, he started a youtube channel name hit tech support but after getting his first income the channel got demonetised but he didn’t stop working there and after some time he’s channel get monetised.

But because he wants to buy a new phone he sold his channel for Rs.20000 to one of his friends.

Then comes the pandemic period where advertisers on youtube stopped spending money on youtube videos so his earnings got 70% down.

So, then he started searching for other earning sources then he got to knew about 2 things which is application and blogging.

But then he haven’t have knowledge about blogging so he hired an app developer and started making loan apps and publishing them on the play store.

Then he had made several apps and blogs and currently earning a minimum of $3k-$4k per month from one source.

How many earning sources does star Gyan has?

There are multiple earning sources of Star Gyan which were:

  • Youtube adsense of 2 channels
  • Google Adsense income from more than 7 blogs
  • Facebook audince network monetisation

How many public websites are there of Star Gyan? (Star Gyan blog)

The public websites of Star Gyan blogger are:


How does star blog earn this much money from his blogs?

Star Gyan is earning money from his blogs because of 2 ways:

  • Web Mentions of his blogs from his youtube channel
  • Application devleopment on IPL and diffrent events
  • Choosing high CPC keyowrds on blogginig and youtube

How many channels does Star Gyan has?

There are only 2 channels of Star Gyan:

  • Star gyan
  • Star gyan blogger


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