▷ SSYoutube: Download Youtube Video Via SSYoutube Video

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SSYoutube SSyoutube video

Downloading youtube videos for free is a hectic task because there are very less youtube video downloaders that were providing the desired video formats to download.

After searching and analysing more than 4500+ websites we had come up with one of the best youtube video downloaders where you can download youtube videos for free without paying any money.

The best part of this downloader is that you can download youtube videos within just a few clicks.

As a Digital marketer & SEO professional of having more than 5+ years of experience I have faced the same problem that’s the reason why I have researched and made this article to provide information to other fellow users.

Let’s get dive into it.

▷ SSYoutube: Download Youtube Video Via SSYoutube Video

WebsiteSSyoutube | SSyoutube video | SS Youtube | (Link)
Started in2009-02-02
Content-Type Youtube video download
OwnerNot known
SSyoutube APKSSyoutube APP (Not found)
Traffic6M million traffic per month (According to Aherfs)

What is SSyoutube? (SSyoutube video)

ssyoutube ssyoutube video

SSyoutube | ssyoutube | SS Youtube video is one of the oldest and best youtube video downloaders which is now being acquired by savef.net because when you click on the domain it redirects into savef.net domain.

It was started in 2009 but not it wasn’t working and the domain is being acquired by savef.

Also, the main website which is now savef.net is getting more than 6 million traffic on their website.

Although the domain was acquired by someone else but the purpose of that particular website is still the same.

How to download youtube videos from ssyoutube video website?

To download a youtube video from a ssyoutube video website follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website of ssyoutube video which is: Link

Step 2: Then select the video which you want to download and copy the link to the video.

Step 3: Paste the link of the video on the input box and then click on the download button.

Step 4: After that, you will get multiple download formats to click on those and your video will automatically start downloading.

How does the ssyoutube website work?

The ssyoutube website works by fetching the data from the youtube website by using the youtube API which enables these types of tools website to get the data and make it available to download on the user’s mobile or computers.

Most all these types of websites were using the same type of scripts or templates which make users download the youtube videos for free.

How much traffic does the ssyoutube video website gets per month?

The traffic does the ssyoutube video website gets per month is: 6 million per month (According to the social blade)

The active or the live link of the ssyoutube is : Link

What are the income sources of the ssyoutube video?

The income sources of the ssyoutube video were:

  • Currently, there are no ads on the website

What are the features of the ssyoutube?

The features of the ssyoutube were:

  • Easy to download the youtube video
  • Easy to convert any youtube video to mp3 or mp3
  • Easy to convert youtube to mp4
  • No spammy ads

As we have told that the website is an old website and it was on the internet since 2009 so it has a good amount of trust from google also from the users but apart from that they were providing a service which is needed by most of the users.

Mostly it was used by those who were willing to download youtube videos on their mobile phones or computer to create a collection of videos and willing to watch them at their own pace.

And that’s where these types of websites become so popular amongst users.

What are the top searched keywords in ssyoutube?

The top searched keywords on ssyoutube were:

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Is it safe to use the ssyoutube video to download videos?

Yes, it is safe to use ssyoutube videos because the website isn’t using spammy ads and popups that will make your computer or mobile phone slow or inject viruses that can be harmful to you.

Yes, it’s a completely legal youtube video downloader website because all these videos are being fetched with youtube API.

What are the other alternatives to ssyoutube video? (ssyoutube alternatives)

The other alternatives for the website for the ssyoutube video were:

  • Video Downloader
  • Savestory
  • Instafinsta
  • Igram
  • Instagram Video download
  • Snapinsta
  • Youtube video download
  • All in one video downlaoder
  • Genyt
  • Safeinsta
  • Snapinsta
  • Shortsnoob
  • YTs1
  • Yt1s
  • Youtube To MP3
  • Youtube To Mp4
  • Youtube Mp3
  • youtube mp3 converter
  • download youtube mp3
  • mp3 youtube
  • youtube download mp3
  • convert youtube to mp3
  • youtube downloader mp3
  • download mp3 youtube
  • youtube to mp3 converter
  • youtube convert mp3

Disclaimer: Piracy is illegal and a punishable offence. The purpose of this article is to provide information to you only. It is not our intention to encourage or promote Piracy and Illegal activities in any way.

How does ssyoutube work by putting “ss”?

Earlier this methods works for the users where the put “SS” and they redirected to another url through which they can save the videos but now it’s more convenient just you can copy the url and paste in these website and your video will be available to download in different formats.

Does SSyoutube have virus?

As of now we haven’t found any virus in the website but there are spammy popup ads on the website which definitely can hinder your experience.


So, this is all for ▷ SSYoutube: Download Youtube Video Via SSYoutube Video.

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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