Ssundee | Minecraft | Real Name | Age | Networth

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Ssundee | Minecraft | Real Name | Age | Networth

We knew Ssundee from youtube and from his interesting and funny gameplay.

But when we search on the web about Ssundee we didn’t find much information and if we found some those were very few.

So, in this article, we will make sure that we will provide most of the information about Ssundee.

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Ssundee | Minecraft | Real Name | Age | Networth

Youtube channel nameSsundee
Subscribers18.8 million subscribers
Started inNovember 28, 2009
Real nameIan Marcus Stapleton
Youtube income$86k – $1.4 million per month (According to the social blade)
Age34 years (December 2, 1987)
InstagramSsundee Instagram
FacebookSsundee Facebook
TwitterSsundee Twitter
TwitchSsundee twitch

Who is Ssundee?

Ssundee is a YouTuber with 18 million subscribers who upload funny gameplay on youtube playing Minecraft, Fortnite and among us.

Which is the ssundee discord server?

The ssundee discord server is: ssundee discord

How many members does Ssundee has in discord community?

On discord community, Ssundee has over 154k members

What’s the name of ssundee wife?

The name of ssundee wife is Madelyn (Maddie)

Ssundee wife Instagram: There was no Instagram id found of his wife.

What are the ssundee songs?

There are 2 ssundee songs that were on Spotify:

Where does ssundee live?

Ssundee lives in Summerville, South Carolina, United States

What’s the name of Ssundee book?

The name of Ssundee book is: Legend of Blood & Bones: A Mining Novel Ft SSundee

How old is ssundee son?

On October 27 2020, ssundee son Simeon turns 1 year old and now in 2021, he will be turning 2 years old.

What does ssundee use to record?

There was no such clear explanation or a video that can tell you what are the things he use to record.

But from this video, you can tell that he’s using multiple screens of windows and an HD camera to record and play his games.

How much does ssundee make?

Ssundee make about $86k – $1.4 million per month (According to the social blade)

What prison server ssundee play on?

The prison server ssundee play on is (Alcatraz).

What fraction server ssundee play on?

The fraction server ssundee play on is:

What computer does ssundee use?

There’s no exact information available from Ssundee side but he’s a Windows computer.

How to contact ssundee?

To contact Ssundee you need to either text him on his social media platforms which we had mentioned above or you can directly mail him at his email address:


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