Sourav Joshi Vlogs: A Sketch Artist to a Popular Vlogger


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Sourav Joshi Vlogs: A Sketch artist to a Popular Vlogger.

There was a time where no one knows who’s Saurav Joshi and now there’s a time where everyone knows him.

In this article, we will give you and everything about Saurav Joshi.

So, Let’s get started.

Sourav Joshi Vlogs: A Sketch artist to a Popular Vlogger

Sourav Joshi | Sourav Joshi vlogs | Saurav Joshi vlog
Sourav Joshi | Sourav Joshi vlogs | Saurav Joshi vlog
Real Name Sourav Joshi | Sourav Joshi vlogs | Saurav Joshi vlog
Age 20 years
Subscribers Saurav Joshi Arts: 1.52 Million subscribers
Saurav Joshi Vlogs: 4.61 million subscribers
Youtube channels Saurav Joshi Arts, Saurav Joshi Vlogs
Youtube Income Saurav Joshi Arts: $1.5K  –  $23.6K (Monthly)
Saurav Joshi vlogs: $74.1K  –  $1.2M (Monthly) (sourav joshi vlogs monthly income)
Instagram Saurav Joshi
Lives in Haryana
Girlfriend No girlfriend yet

Who is Saurav Joshi vlogs?

Saurav Joshi is a very good sketch artist who makes very amazing sketches on his youtube channel Saurav Joshi arts and now in lockdown, he turns to be a vlogger also where he had got massive success as compared to other Vloggers who were doing it for a long time.

And now Sourav Joshi vlogs is India’s number 1 vlogger.

How Sourav Joshi became the number 1 vlogger of India? (why sourav joshi is famous?)

The real reason which not many people know is collaboration if you don’t know then earlier Sourav Joshi had reached some milestones but after meeting flying beast who is at that point of time is the number 1 vlogger of India give him an instant boost to his channel and that’s the reason why he had grown so fast and become the number 1 vlogger.

Who is Saurav joshi Manager? (sourav joshi manager)

The Saurav Joshi manager (Sourav Joshi manager) is Asim Ali who manages all the brand collaboration for Saurav Joshi.

How saurav joshi meets flying beast?

As we all know who is a flying beast if you want to know about him you can read this article about the Flying beast.

So, Saurav Joshi made a sketch for Rashbhari Taneja who is the daughter of the flying beast so for that reason flying beast had come to Saurav Joshi’s house.

And as you know that Saurav Joshi is a Haryanvi and Ritu Rathee is also a Haryanvi so they better connect with each of their family.

Which bike does Saurav Joshi had?

The bike that Saurav Joshi drive is: Earlier he drives CD deluxe and now he drives Duke 200.

Which camera does Saurav joshi had? (sourav joshi vlogs camera)

The camera that Saurav Joshi use is: Canon 200D

Who is Piyush in Saurav joshi vlogs?

Piyush is the brother of Saurav Joshi which you will see in every video of his vlogs.

Which mobile phone does saurav joshi use?

The mobile phone that Saurav Joshi had is iPhones 11 and 12.

What is the name of Saurav joshi dog? (sourav joshi vlogs dog name)

The name of the dog is Oreo and the Saurav Joshi dog breed name is: pomeranian

Which laptop does saurav joshi use to edit his videos? (sourav joshi laptop)

Earlier he use to edit his videos on a windows laptop but now he uses Apple Macbook.

Which is the first video of Saurav joshi vlogs? (first video of sourav joshi vlogs)

The first video fo Saurav Joshi vlogs is: How I draw MS Dhoni

What’s the name of Saurav Joshi bike?

The name of the Saurav Joshi bike is Duke 390.


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