▷ Snapinsta: Download Instagram Photos & Videos [Free]

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Looking to download Instagram photos & videos online for free?

And can’t able to find the resource where you can download any Instagram photos & videos for free.

Then don’t worry in this article we will tell you one of the best Instagram downloaders where you can download any Instagram photos & videos for free which we found after analyzing more than 800+ websites over the internet.

As an Digital Marketer & SEO Professional having 4+ years of experience we have gathered the best resource available in the internet and we had tried multiple instagram downloading websites which were there and from there we had found you the best.

Let’s get started.

▷ Snapinsta: Download Instagram Photos & Videos [Free]

Started in2021-03-10
Content-Type Instagram videos & photos downloader
OwnerNot known
Traffic9.90 million traffic per month (According to Similar web)

What is Snapinsta?

Snapinsta is considered one of the famous Instagram downloaders where you can download Instagram videos, photos, stories & IGTV videos as well.

It’s a one-stop solution for those users who were willing to download videos or photos from Instagram for free.

The best part of the website is that this website had just started the previous year and now it’s ranking on the most competitive keyword.

Also this is not like other Instagram video downloader who is having spammy ads which interrupt your experience of using the service.

This website is very easy to use or to download any videos from Instagram but the only problem that i have observed is that this website is only limited to instagram only where website like YT1S & SSyoutube were giving you to download videos from 40+ sources for free.

But still this website is effective if you just want to download Instagram videos for free.

How to download Instagram videos & photos from Snapinsta website?

To download an Instagram video & photos video from a Snapinsta website follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Snapinsta which is: Snapinsta

Step 2: Then select the video which you want to download and copy the link to the video.

Step 3: Paste the link of the video on the input box and then click on the download button.

Step 4: After that, you will get multiple download formats to click on those and your video will automatically start downloading.

How does the Snapinsta website work?

The website works by fetching all the data from the Instagram website by using Instagram API and then making it available on the website and letting the users download the videos & photos.

Most of the website which provides Instagram downloader facility were using the same script and tools on their website but the main thing is that their design was slightly different.

How much traffic does the snapinsta website gets per month?

The traffic does the snapinsta website gets per month is: 9.90 million per month (According to the similar web)

The active or the live link of the snapinsta is : Snapinsta

What are the income sources of the Snapinsta?

The income sources of Snapinsta were:

  • Google adsense ads

What are the features of the Snapinsta?

The features of the Snapinsta were:

  • Easy to download Instagram photos, videos & stories.
  • Different formats available to download
  • No spammy ads

The reason behind making this website so popular is because they were providing a solution to a problem which is letting users download Instagram videos, Photos & reels.

Also, some users might use all these videos on youtube also where they are making videos by all these Instagram videos & photos.

Many news websites were also using the same thing that’s why these types of websites were having a huge demand among users and if they were getting it for free it will automatically create a buzz for the website.

What are the top searched keywords in Snapinsta?

The top searched keywords in Snapinsta were:

  • instagram video download
  • instagram story download
  • save inta
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  • instagram status download
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  • downloader
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  • online video download
  • instafinsta
  • instagram reel download
  • instagram app download

Is it safe to use the Snapinsta to download videos?

Yes, it is safe to use Snapinsta because the website isn’t using spammy ads and popups that will make your computer or mobile phone slow or inject viruses that can be harmful to you.

Yes, it’s a completely legal Instagram video & photos downloader website because all these videos are being fetched with Instagram API.

What are the other alternatives to Snapinsta? (Snapinsta alternatives)

The other alternatives to the website of Snapinsta were:


So, this is all for ▷ Snapinsta: Download Instagram Photos & Videos [Free].

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Is Snapinsta safe?

Yes, it’s totally safe because there are no spammy ads which will interrupt your experience and there are no virus which can harm your devices.

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