Shweta your mic is on: What is this Viral meme?


In today’s post we will be talking about Shweta your mic is on: What is this Viral meme?

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So, let’s get started.

What is the Shweta your mic is on a meme?

When you search for this term you will find that you will get a live zoom call video in which a girl is talking about a guy.

This call recording is from IIT Bombay zoom classes.

The girl said that they guy is being possesive about his girlfriend and all other things.

But the girl doesn’t know that the zoom call is live and other people were listening his zoom call beacuse his mic is not off.

All the people there in the zoom call were telling Shweta your mic is on but because she’s wearing his earphones she can’t listen what they were saying to her.

She’s explaining the relationship the boy and girl had in-front of all his fellow students.

And in between of that some guy had said that ” Don’t worry now all the 111 people were knowing what you were talking about”.

That is the meme which most of the Youtubers and roasters were telling in their social media platforms like Lakshay chadhry.

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If you will watch the entire video you will get a fun and entertaining video or you can say a voice recording of what girls were talking about on a live zoom call now which is known as Shweta your mic is on the viral meme.

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