Should Quora start paying like YouTube to the writers on Quora?


In today’s article on Youtube mini, we will discuss Should Quora start paying like YouTube to the writers on Quora?

Most of us know that Quora is a platform where people ask question and get their answers.

But do you know that Quora pays their writers?

Then in this article you will get a lot to know about it.

So, let’s get started.

Should Quora start paying like YouTube to the writers on Quora?

Most of us know that if you want to ask some question than quora is the platform where we can ask any type of questions.

The number of question that google doesn’t have Quora has that answer.


Because people like us who were students, working professionals and many more were sharing their experience in the form of an answer.

But not every answer was as valuable because not all answers were written by experts and people who were good in that field or worked in that field.

That’s the only reason why most of the users don’t completely believe in the answers of Quora.

Now here’s the main question comes : Should Quora start paying like YouTube to the writers on Quora?

Yes, definitely Quora should start paying to the writers that write good content on their platforms because no matter how much money they pay to you may be it will be less but it somewhere motivates the writer to keep up the good work. Not only that it will make the writer come up with well-researched content which will increase the visitors and the trust of users. And Quora will get in-depth answers on any topic. But do you know that quora pay their writers??

Most of us maybe don’t know that Quora pays their writer where if you had started writing valuable answers to the question asked and when more and more people started reading the answers and upvote your answer they will either reach out to you or you have to reach out to them via email which is:

Should Quora start paying like YouTube to the writers on Quora

Now for Indians who were reading these in India, there was no monetisation for this country yet I have talked to them previously and they had said that currently, they didn’t have any monetisation policy for the Indians.

But they didn’t said the reason and they don’t even have an office in India.

There’s a video of a youtuber from India who had made a detailed video on this:

If Quora starts paying the creators like what Youtube is doing it can gradually grow the quora platform in terms of authority as well in terms of revenue.

As you can see in this above image which is taken from Aherfs which tells us where does the website is getting most of the traffic.

And India is in the second number having more than 11 core keywords were ranking from India only which is a huge amount of users.

What is the total population of India : more than 135 crore

If you see the above image you can see that the word Quora according to Aherfs searched 1.3 million times every single month.

And we all know that quora has multiple keywords which will drive traffic to his website from India.

What will happen if Quora start paying their creators?

So, Suppose if they start paying to the genuine creators for writing the detailed answer in their field then how much traffic India can drive to their website.

And a couple of years back Quora had started advertisement on their website so if more users came from India then their income can also increase.

Quora traffic

Currently in 2021 Quora had traffic of 600 million per month according to a Similar web and India is in the second number where the traffic comes from as you can see in the image.

So, imagine if Quora starts paying the writers it can double the number of visitors to 1200 million visitors to the Quora website.


1.When does Quora had started or came in to existence?

When you search on the web about when the Quora had started it will show you that it’s June 2009 and it was made to public on June 21st 2010. But the domain was registered in 29 march 2000.

2.How much Quora earns from Advertising?

Currently, the website is getting traffic of 600 million users per month so if we take an average CPC of 0.2 dollars per click then it can easily earn 120 million dollars.


So, this is the detailed answer of Should Quora start paying like YouTube to the writers on Quora?

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