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In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Seeken | Biography | Income | Networth | Age

We all want to become better in life and wanted to grow in our life but in this busy life, we don’t have that much time to read books.

Most of us wanted to read slef help books but the problem is that we don’t have enough time to read the whole book.

So, in this article, we will tell you a youtube channel through which you can get the entire book summary in just a few minutes of time in a well-structured life such that you can become better in life and grow in life.

Let’s get started.

Youtube channel name Seeken
Subscribers 3.16 million subscribers
Other channels Zeeshan Shaikh, Seeken Jigyasa
Started in Dec 29, 2015
Youtube income $1.4k – $22k per month (minimum 1 lakh rupees INR) (According to the social blade)
Net worth (Seeken net worth) (Zeeshan shaikh Seeken net worth) He’s a Millionaire (Crorepati)
Real name (Seeken real name) Zeeshan Shaikh
Marital status Married
Education Completed his B. Tech in Electrical Engineering
Age (Zeeshan Shaikh age) (zeeshan shaikh seeken age) 27 years old (1 May 1994)
Email address [email protected]
Seeken App Online Video Books
Instagram Seeken Instagram
Facebook Seeken Facebook
Twitter Seeken Twitter
Linkedin Seeken Linkedin

Who and what is Seeken?


Seeking is one of the biggest channels on youtube that provide books summary in a simple and understandable way for everyone such that whoever wants to grow and learn in life can do it when they find some spare time by watching his videos.

The main purpose of the videos in his channel is to make the life of people better than they use to before.

And the owner of the channel who is Zeeshan Shaikh is fond of reading books and reading books.

That’s why now his passion o reading books is now becoming his profession and he’s now a millionaire.

How the Seeken youtube channel came into existence?

The owner of the channel Zeeshan Shaikh father (Who is a taxi driver) wants him to pursue engineering because then he can get a job that can make his life better so his father took a loan to make him an engineer.

So in 3 years of taking engineering in the electrical field, he understood one thing which is that engineering isn’t for him and he didn’t have any passion for it.

But to support his father he had to do something so in search of his making money he found the book which is Rich dad poor dad which Zeeshan Shaikh says had changed his life.

So, he started his youtube channel following his passion for life and after some point in time he started getting positive comments and money from his channel so after that, he continued his youtube channel as a full-time career.

And now he had over 3 million subscribers on youtube.

So, if you see books can change your life whether in your life or in your career.

Which is the first book Seeken (Zeeshan Shaikh)?

The first book of Seeken or Zeeshan Shaikh is: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Which is the website of Seeken? (seeken blog)

The official website of Seeken is:

What is the meaning of Seeken?

The meaning of Seeken in English is Finding. (Meaning that fond of more knowledge )

What’s the name of Seeken podcast?

The name of the Seeken podcast is: Seeken (Listed in Spotify)

Which software seeken use to make his videos?

The software that Seeken was using to make his videos were: Videoscribe

Here is some best video animation software that can you use to make videos like Seeken:

  • videomakerfx
  • mysimpleshow
  • truscribe
  • easysketchpro
  • rawshorts
  • Vyond

What’s the new startup or company of Seeken? (seeken video book)

The new company or startup that Seeken had recently launched is an Online video books.

Where you can purchase your online video book and read chapter by chapter through animated videos and it’s very affordable if you are one of those who want to do something big ln life.

What are the courses that Seeken offers?

The course that Seeken offers is: Passion Course

In this course, you can learn how to find your passion in life and how you can make your passion your profession and earn money from it.


So, this is all for the Seeken | Biography | Income | Networth | Age.

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