Who Is Sanjiv Kumar Jindal On Youtube?

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Who Is Sanjiv Kumar Jindal On Youtube?

Wanted to earn money online or finding a youtube channel that can guide you to making money online and also get you part-time or full-time job opportunities?

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Who Is Sanjiv Kumar Jindal On Youtube?

Youtube channel nameSanjiv Kumar
Subscribers4.62 million subscribers
Started in Aug 18, 2018
Number of Videos278 videos
Real NameSanjiv Kumar Jindal
Lives in Delhi
Youtube income (Sanjiv Kumar Jindal income)$2.1K  –  $33.9K per month (Accoridng to the social blade)
Email addresssearch4kumar@gmail.com
Contact number (Sanjiv Kumar Jindal contact number)8588067294
Facebook Sanjiv Kumar Facebook
Instagram Sanjiv Kumar Instagram

Who Is Sanjiv Kumar Jindal?

Sanjiv kumar Jindal is a YouTuber who’s having a youtube channel name Sanjiv kumar who is an HR professional for 27 years and had a great experience in the field of hiring. So, he thought of why not share the knowledge of his expertise and give the studnest nad peoepl who were looking for some extra income or a new job or wanted to start making money online.

That’s why he started his channel on make money online, how to get a job and freelancing.

And most of the ways he tell in his videos were legitimate he himself does it first and then only tell other people about it.

He started the channel in 2018 and now he had gained over 4.62 million subscribers on youtube which is very huge that shows that how many people are following him and how many people were are in a need of a job.

Which is the first video of Sanjiv kumar jindal?

The first video of Sanjiv Kumar Jindal is Recruitment business | Sanjeev Kumar Jindal 


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