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In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Rock Indian Gamer | Biography |Income | Real Name

If you also enjoy watching gameplay videos but do not like what others were doing in the rat race then this youtube channel can make you laugh and entertain you on his channel.

In this article, we will tell you about a youtube channel that makes gaming videos which were different from other gaming YouTubers.

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Youtube channel nameRock Indian Gamer
Subscribers1.03 million subscribers
Started in Aug 3, 2018
Real Name (rock Indian gamer real name)Kartik
Age15-18 years old
Youtube Income $13.1k – $209k per month (According to the social blade) (Approx 8 -9 lakh rupees per month)
Instagram Rock Indian Gamer Instagram
Facebook Rock Indian Gamer Facebook

Who is Rock Indian Gamer?

Rock Indian gamer is a YouTuber who’s name is Kartik who plays Minecraft and other small games on mobile phones and he had now 1.03 million subscribers, the concept of oggy and jack had come to his mind because he loves the cartoon oggy and the cockroaches that’s where he thinks that he will upload the video in which he will mimic the voice of oggy and voice and play the games.

He didn’t reveal his face because he didn’t have the proper setup and webcam yet and also he didn’t have a proper internet connection. (rock Indian gamer face reveal)

But his current gaming setup looks like this.

What type of content does Rock Indian gamer upload?

Earlier he use to upload Minecraft gameplay videos but now he had started playing small mobile gameplay videos on youtube.

What makes Rock Indian Gamer different from other gamers?

All the gamers on youtube were now only playing the games which were popular on youtube but with Rock Indian gamer he use to do something which he love doing.

That’s why he added the concept of oggy and jack in his Minecraft videos and other gaming videos rather than following what other people were doing.

Which is the first video of Rock Indian gamer?

The first video of Rock Indian gamer is: Rock indian Gamer

Which mobile does Rock Indian gamer use to record his gameplay and voice?

The mobile that he uses to record his gameplay and voice were: Poco X2 and for voice, he uses an inbuilt voice recorder

How many hours does Rock Indian Gamer give to youtube?

He spends 4-5 hours daily playing games and making videos for his channels.

How many channels does Rock Indian gamer have?

Rock Indian Gamer had 2 channels:

  • Rock Indian gamer
  • Rock Ranger

Does Rock indian gamer uses voice changer for oggy and jack voice?

No, in his QnA video he had said that he doesn’t use any voice changer whatever voice he uses in his gameplay video is his own voice.


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