Is A Legit Site To Make Money Online?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Is A Legit Site To Make Money Online?

Wanted to earn some side income or secondary income online but don’t know where to find a place or platform to earn money online?

Then in this article, we had brought you up with Remotask but some of us don’t truly trust a website that offers making money online because most of them were frauds.

So, in this article, we will tell you all about Is A Legit Site To Make Money Online?

Let’s get started.

Is A Legit Site To Make Money Online?

Yes, is a legit website to make money online it’s a registered company which is having more than 1k employees all over the world and it also pays you for the task and also makes you learn from the courses they offer.

Now, let’s know about the company in detail to know better.

Started in 2017
Offering Task-based upon labelling data, images, voice and 3D scenes. (Mostly gathering data for big companies about AI applications and software)
Office AddressSan Francisco, CA, US (HQ)
OwnerNot known
Contact Number(800) 778-7879
EmployeeMore than 1000
Facebook Remotasks Facebook
Linkedin Remotasks Linkedin

What is

Remotask is a make money website users or people like us were getting paid to do some small tasks of big companies mostly related to AI and machine learning. First, you need to sign in with your Gmail or Facebook id and then you will have to fill up some details about you, your computer and your occupation. Then you need to do some courses provided by them which are also based upon AI and machine learnings.

Remotasks review

Why won’t my tutorial load on Remotasks?

There can be multiple reasons due to which the tutorials on remotask were not loading:

  1. Your internet connectivity
  2. Because of low configuration of your laptop or pc or smartphone

How to make account on remotasks?

To make an account on remotsaks you need to follow some simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website –
  2. Then Click on the signup button or Signup with google or facebook
  3. Fill out the details about where you live, your occuapation, your device Configuration
  4. Then you will ask to do some basic courses before starting the task

What is considered void in remotasks segmentation?

Void in remotasks segmentation means an empty place or space in data, image, voice and 3D scenes.

How much do you earn from remotasks? | How much can one earn from remotasks?

In Remotasks you will not earn that much which you can earn by doing other jobs in the initial stage but yes you can earn at least $100 every week based upon your task difficulty.

Many users who had used remotasks said that the money earned is way less than they earn from other tasks either it’s offline or online.

How to start with tasks on remotasks?

To start with the task on remotasks you need to take a basic course when you signup for the remotasks. And as you do the task your difficulty level would increase and the more course you need to do. That’s the only way to start with remotasks.

How quickly does remotasks pay?

Remotasks pay every week to the users who signup with

What is the Minimum remotasks average earnings?

The Minimum remotasks average earnings are $0.01- $0.02 per task.

Is Remotask available in India?

Yes, Remotask is avaliable in India you can signup in remotasks from India.

Can we do the remotask in mobile?

No, you can’t do the task in remotasks from mobile because the task was not able to be processed in mobile you can only login into your account.

WHat is the remotask mode of payment?

The mode of payment on Remotasks was Paypal and AirTM.


So, this is all for the [Real Or Fraud]Make Money Online With Student Earn Cash?

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